Top 9 Best Ever Michael Jackson Music Videos

Nobody made videos like the King of Pop. Here are our picks for his best

By James Diers Jun 25, 2009 10:45 PMTags
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With the passing of the King of Pop comes the end of a musical videography that helped to define, well, the entire first decade of MTV. Michael Jackson turned out videos that rocked the collective worlds of pop, R&B, filmmaking and multimedia promotion.

And of the many M.J. clips that have burned prison-tattoo impressions into our video-loving souls, these are the Top 9 most kickass. Did we leave any off, or make a bad call?

1. "Billie Jean": Some messiahs walk on water, others light up the asphalt in a bow tie and high-waters. In a word: unstoppable.

2. "Thriller": When the making-of video is just as iconic and popular as the video itself, you know you've got a holy frickin' grail on your hands.

3. "Beat It": Fight! Fight! Er, wait, no...Dance! Dance! Makes West Side Story look like My Dinner With Andre.

4. "Smooth Criminal": Nine minutes of nonsensical gangster melodrama, yet we gladly lost sleep wondering if Annie was really OK.

5. "Scream": Long before The Matrix, Mike and sister Janet were tripping on animé and digitally morphing to a deceptively killer dance jam.

6. "Bad": Remember the guy from the "Beat It" video who tried to break up the fight? He's finally had it, and he's got a posse. Scorsese directs!

7. "Black or White": Macaulay Culkin, Norm from Cheers, a U.N.-worthy array dancers and eye-popping morph effects prove Jacko to be a uniter, not a divider.

8. "You Rock My World": Any project that gets Marlon Brando, Chris Tucker, Michael Madsen and the King of You-Know-What in the same storyline is, like, instantly incredible.

9. "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough": Prehistoric special effects don't detract from the baddest and most infectious solo performance of his pre-Thriller career.

10. You Tell Us! What'd we miss? Paul McCartney collabos? "Man in the Mirror"? Does the Pepsi commercial count? Speak now, or forever hold your junk and scream, "HEE-hee!"