Adam Sandler Raves Over Haim's Updated Cover of His “Chanukah Song”

Adam Sandler praised rock band Haim's hilarious updated rendition of his beloved SNL hit "the Chanukah Song" and its references to Timothée Chalamet, Doja Cat, and more.

By Emlyn Travis Dec 04, 2021 6:03 PMTags
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It's Hanukkah and Haim are celebrating! 

As part of the rock band's yearly ‘Haimukkah' festivities, the three sisters—Este, 35, Danielle, 32, and Alana, 29—performed a hilarious cover of Adam Sandler's Saturday Night Live hit "The Chanukah Song" on Friday, Dec. 3.  

Captioning the post, "Sandler we love you," the band spruced up the '90s track's lyrics with a few updated name drops, giving shout-outs to musicians and celebrities alike, including Doja CatTimothée Chalamet, Rashida Jones and more.

After watching their performance, Sandler himself took to Twitter to give the sisters his stamp of approval, retweeting their video and commenting, "Love you ladies! You are three badass jews! See you on tour!" 

The sisters opened their performance with a reference to another iconic SNL cast member, singing, "Maya Rudolph lights the menorah." 

"So does Japanese Breakfast," they added, a callout to the musician and Crying at H Mart author Michelle Zauner.

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They also shared that "the Dessners do the hora," a reference to twin brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner, who are members of the rock band The National.

"Guess who eats together at the famous Canter's Deli?" Este asked as Danielle and Alana strummed their guitars. "Rashida and Kidada Jones, Eugene and Dan Levy." 

"Doja Cat's half-Jewish, Chalamet is half too. Put ‘em both together," Este sang before her sisters joined her to finish the line, "what a fine lookin' Jew!" 

Haim also cleverly managed to find a way to urge safety amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic within the song too, adding, "So don't get omicronukkah on this lovely, lovely Hanukkah." 

In addition, the group gave a shout-out to late musical theater legend Stephen Sondheim, who died at age 91 on Nov. 26. "RIP Stephen Sondheimukkah," they sang. "We love you on this Hanukkah."