Watch Tori Spelling Dodge Question About What She's Giving Dean McDermott For Christmas

Tori Spelling stayed quiet about her looming split from Dean McDermott in a recent appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Radio Andy.

By Cydney Contreras Dec 03, 2021 2:09 AMTags
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It's frosty this holiday season!

On the Sirius XM show Radio Andy, Tori Spelling subtly avoided a question relating to husband Dean McDermott amid news of their impending split. Host Jeff Lewis asked the Beverly Hills, 90210 star, "Alright, so holiday shopping—what are we getting Dean? Anything?"

The actress briefly paused before saying, "Yes, of course, the kids are getting him something." 

When Jeff pressed for more details, Tori added that she will be "contributing" to Dean's gift, so it seems not all love is lost between the couple.

"OK, good, so do you know what you're getting?" he asked. She avoided the question and instead compared the situation to his dynamic with his ex: "What are you getting Gage?" Jeff and Gage were together for eight years before splitting in 2019. As the host replied, "Oh, no, no, nothing."

Tori turned the tables and said, "You have to. Monroe has to get him something," referring to the couple's 5-year-old daughter. "That's how it works… Hi, welcome to life."

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She shed more light on the situation by saying, "Monroe's going to want to buy him something, and you're going to have to buy it and pick it out and wrap it and write a little card from her, and that's how it goes."

On Nov. 24, a source close to Tori told E! News that she is "planning to file" for divorce in the near future, as "the marriage is over and has been for a very long time now."

"She's trying to work it all out and make sure she is financially OK first," the insider explained. "Tori's ready for a fresh new start but is trying to be strategic about it."

The source acknowledged that this isn't the first time Tori has considered divorcing Dean, who admitted to cheating in 2014. 

However, it seems this time Tori is done for good, with the source sharing, "It's for the best and has been a long time coming. They have been trying to work it out for years for the sake of the kids but they truly do not get along. They have been sleeping in different rooms for months and haven't considered themselves to be 'married' for a while now."

E! News reached out to the couple's reps for comment and didn't hear back.

The couple was later photographed leaving dinner together on Saturday, Nov. 27, though neither of them have spoken publicly about the state of their marriage.


When Tori's Instagram followers questioned why Dean was absent from their family Christmas photo, she simply said that he was "filming his new feature film in Canada."

Though he didn't get a spot on the greeting card, Tori's response to Jeff seemingly confirms he'll get a present under the tree this holiday season.

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