Lala Kent’s Amazon Holiday Gift Picks Are Cozy, Chic, & Useful

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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We included these products chosen by Lala Kent because we think you'll like her picks. Lala is a paid spokesperson for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

"When in doubt, get a gift that's useful or comfortable," Lala Kent advised in her recent Amazon Live stream. The Vanderpump Rules cast member shared her list of holiday gift picks for all of the members of her family. 

If "cozy, chic, and useful" describe the gift-giving vibe that you're going for, you're in luck because Lala selected beauty, fashion, and home items that are all budget-friendly. She even shared some of the products that she recently purchased for her new apartment, some stress-relief must-haves, and nap time essentials tested by her daughter Ocean.

Lala Kent’s Amazon Fashion Picks Include Designer Dupes & Styles Inspired by Fellow Bravo Stars

Sidefeel Women Asymmetric Buttoned Cable Knit Bodycon Mini Sweater Dress

"We have the Sidefeel bodycon sweater dress. I may or may not have gotten one of these for my mom as well because I got this and she said that she liked it. It's in cream. It has cute little braiding details and little pockets. You must have a sweater dress. If you live somewhere colder, you can pair something like this with a chic jacket and tights. I'm a fan of tights. It would be cute with a little over-the-knee boot. This is one of my favorites. I got it in cream. I'm a big fan of cream. I'm telling you when you have a baby that you must have pockets. It's a must to have pockets."

This sweater dress comes in 21 colors.

Dokotoo Womens Long Sleeve Solid Fuzzy Fleece Open Front Hooded Cardigans

"Everyone knows that I love to be cozy. No matter what season it is or what time of year, this is the coziest fleece jacket. It's really sleek. You can just throw it on, even as just a housecoat. It's so cute. There's no buttons. There's nothing on it. It's very very simple and so cozy. Plus, anything with a hood, I'm getting down with."

"If you don't throw this in your cart right now, you're messing up. I'm telling you that this is such a great gift. Everybody knows if you don't know what to get someone, give them something comfortable. Give them slippers. Give them this cozy fleece jacket. You can rock this in the house or you can go out in it. It's cute, right?"

This is available in 25 different solids and prints and it has 6,600+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Styleword Womens Yoga Pants with Pockets High Waist

"We all know that January 1 comes and everyone has New Year's resolutions that usually involve working out. I would say that yoga pants for your friends are so cute. These I got in marble and I also got them in cheetah print. Again, you can't have enough yoga pants. We want to feel comfortable and we also want to look cool."

These have 5,500+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Styleword Womens Yoga Pants with Pockets High Waist

"These come in so many prints. You'll find them in the marble. You'll find them in the cheetah print. I think there were two kinds of cheetah print. Absolutely fantastic. A lot of options."

These have 5,500+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Cluci Backpack Purse

"What bag is going to be chic on me, but conducive to my child? Everything needs to have a separate compartment for Ocean. It's a lot to carry an entire purse with you on top of your diaper bag. I saw this and I had to have it. It's so cute. I love the shape of it. It's a backpack. There are a lot of compartments and it's big. I need a bag that looks not like a duffel bag. When you open it, it looks like a duffel bag and the compartment is huge. There's also another zipper in the back. It's so chic. I love this bag because it's easy to clean up, especially for any of you with kids out there. That's one of my top favorites."

This bag is available in over 40 colors and it has 8,900+ five-star reviews.

Aasakuki Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote Control, 400ml Cool Mist Humidifier, 16 Hours Operation Aroma Diffuser with Waterless Safety Switch & 14 LED Colors

"I have a very chic humidifier. I just got this for Ocean's new nursery. I moved out of my old place. I'm in my new place and we're redecorating. I found this humidifier and I died when I found it. It's so chic, zen, and cool. And, again, it serves a purpose. It's an essential oil diffuser with a remote. When I saw that it had a remote, I decided that's the one I'm getting. I put the oils in and my baby sleeps like a rockstar. When I'm in there, I also want to take a nap."

This is also available in white and dark wood. It has 1,600+ five-star reviews.

Babeyond Women's Kimono Robe

"I found this beautiful robe. I love it in green. I feel like it brings out my eyes. There's just something about green. Everyone looks good in green. It has beautiful details and a tie to wrap around you so it doesn't fall off. We wouldn't want that. I also love that you could wear this outside. It's basically multi-purpose. It's cozy. I love this robe. This is a must-have. You'll see me wearing this on Instagram all the time."

This robe is available in 18 colors and it has 8,100+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Luxja Nail Polish Carrying Case - Holds 20 Bottles

"I moved into a new place and as I was packing from the old place, I had so many nail products. It gave me anxiety. They were just shoved in little bags, so I got this nail case. I love grey everything. This nail polish carrier also comes in a lot of different designs. This is a great gift idea. It has different compartments, so you don't have to worry about any of your polishes breaking. There are other areas to keep your nail tools."

"It's also a cute gift for little ones, tweens who want to do their nails all the time." This nail polish carrying case is available in two different sizes and six colors. It has 3,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

AstroAI Mini Fridge

"A lot of people see mini fridges and wonder what they could possibly keep in something that tiny. You can keep skincare products in here. I am obsessed with keeping my skincare products cold. I like to keep my eye creams in there, my face serums, and my moisturizers. When those products are cooler they de-puff and they shrink the pores. Katie Maloney has one of these as well. And it's chic. Great gift, by the way."

This mini fridge also comes in pink and white. It has 1,400+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Arishine 5 Pairs Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes and 2 Tubes of Magnetic Eyeliner Kit

"I just discovered magnetic lashes. I will be wearing them to the reunion because they're so easy. This comes with five different styles of lashes, the magnetic liner, and the applicator. This is the easiest thing you will ever do. Do not let it intimidate you. When I first heard about them I thought 'there's no way those are actually going to stay on your eyes.' Oh, they stick and they are literally right above your actual lash line. They are amazing. These are the best thing to happen since sliced bread."

This set has 9,700+ five-star Amazon reviews.

AquaSonic Black Series Ultra Whitening Toothbrush

"I love white teeth. Blue light helps whiten your teeth. I knew the reunion was coming up, so I got this toothbrush. It is so sleek and if it's sleek, I can put it by my sink and I won't be annoyed by it. It has a little tiny charger, a case if you want to travel with it, and it comes with many different types of heads. It even has different settings, including clean, soft, whiten, and massage. I got my little brother one for Christmas."

This toothbrush has 41,600+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Hotel Quality Luxury 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton King Size Sheets

"These are the perfect shade of grey. These are the coziest sheets I have ever felt. They are so yummy. These are my favorite sheets ever. These are a good gift idea."

These sheet sets are available for queen, king, twin, twin XL, and full sizes in 21 different colors. There's also an option to just buy standard pillowcases for anyone who likes to switch out their pillow cases often. This set has 4,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid

"I ordered a few of these because we have a Christmas Eve tradition where we make yummy teas and hot chocolates. We all have the same PJ's, we have our drinks, and we watch our favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. That's our Christmas Eve tradition. I bought everyone in my family their own little mug. You take this little top off and it has a tea strainer. Easton, my little brother, puts cinnamon sticks in his. It's a super cute gift idea with a little card and maybe some tea with it."

There are ten different colors to choose from. This three-piece mug set has 7,300+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Nespresso BNV520RED Vertuo Next Espresso Machine

"I got this for my mom. It's a Nespresso espresso machine. We love treats like this at our house. I got her this for Christmas because it's so chic. You can have espresso at any time of day whenever you want one. And it saves us money to make this at home. This is a great gift idea. I love the capsules that it comes with because they remind me of being at a hotel."

The Nespresso also comes in grey and black. It has 3,300+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser- Set of 2

"If you do not have these in your home, it is imperative that you have them. The thing I love about the ones that I got is that these go perfectly on my countertop. I like my little dispensers to be chic. I love these also because they have measurement marks and they're easy to pour. This is great for the holidays if you have people over, especially with a charcuterie board. They're industrial, but fabulous. This is a good gift for mom."

These dispensers have 7,600+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Exclusivo Mezcla Plush Fuzzy Large Fleece Throw Blanket

"This is the coziest blanket I've ever felt in my life. I got mine in cream because it goes with my apartment. I found this blanket and I ordered four of them. If I have four people over, we're each gonna need our own blanket. I think these are the best types of gifts, you guys. Blankets are always my most favorite gift. Between the fleece jacket and this fleece blanket, I'm vegging out all day."

This super soft blanket is available in 21 different colors and it has 2,800+ five-star reviews.

Comiso Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

"This is the best thing ever since I got my new place because I bump this. This one is awesome. It's so easy to use. It sounds amazing. This is a must-have, especially if you have kids. My nephew would go crazy over this."

This speaker also comes in blue, green, lavender, rose gold, white, and green. It has 1,600+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds

"I ordered these for my nephew. These are an amazing gift. These are the GOAT. Great gift idea."

These are also available in black.

Matein Electronics Travel Organizer

"For all my people who love to be organized, this is an amazing gift because all of us have a million electronic devices. You can fit all of your chargers in here for everything. You now have a space where everything is in one section. Great gift idea."

This organizer is also available in grey. It has 2,500+ five-star Amazon reviews.

BagSmart Packing Cubes- Set of 6

"These are another thing for organizing. I love this because there's even a bag to organize your organizer bags. These are all little bags that you can pack your goods in. They fit right inside your suitcase. There are bags with all different sizes to fit your clothing and delicates."

These also come in grey, mint, and pink.

Comfier Heating Pad for Back Pain

"My back has been killing me, maybe from the stress. I can't imagine what stress I'd be under. This thing is amazing, you guys. If my dad were here, this would be the perfect gift for him because you literally just put it around you. You've got your little remote for power and intensity. This is probably one of my favorite things I've purchased ever. It's a bomb gift."

This heating pad has 4,400+ five-star Amazon reviews.

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