Will Porsha Williams Invite Any Real Housewives to Her & Simon Guobadia's Wedding? She Says...

Porsha's Family Matters star Porsha Williams gushed over fiancé Simon Guobadia and dished on which former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars will be invited to the wedding. Watch now!

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Porsha Williams knows how to keeps things spicy, whether it's with her husband-to-be or drama with her reality TV family.

After announcing her exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta earlier this year, Porsha's Bravo spin-off Porsha's Family Matters premiered on Nov. 28. The limited series give insight into her life with fiancé Simon Guobadia, who was previously married to Porsha's former RHOA co-star Falynn Guobadia, and even showed some drama brewing in Porsha's new blended family.  

"I mean, we are just like any other family. We love how we're very close," Porsha exclusively joked to E! News on Dec. 2. "When we were filming everything, it was the beginning of us blending our families together which, you know, it can be a lot at times. But we have some good times and drama-filled so it's that rollercoaster, that up and down of life with your family."   

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The Pursuit of Porsha author called reflecting on her decade as a Housewife "the longest therapy session ever." While writing her memoir during quarantine, Porsha realized that she was accustomed to criticism being a public figure.

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"I'm used to people having an opinion and me being under a microscope. I now separate myself from anything that will be disrupting my peace," she explained. "So if I need to step away from social media I just do it I have a team who can handle business. It will go on without me if I need to take a break." 

And Porsha will be needing to take a break soon to plan for her wedding!  

She confirmed that "some" of her former co-stars will be invited. "I haven't worked on the list yet so we'll see who all it is," she joked. "I guess it's going to be a surprise invite." 

So, will Falynn be on the guest list? 

"Everybody is in a happy place now," Porsha confirmed, clearing up any rumors of drama between them. "Everybody's engaged. We got one baby here [with Falynn]. We don't have one yet but you know everybody is living their life and we've pretty much moved on from all of that." 

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Now, Porsha is just focusing on her husband-to-be, Simon.

"He is a real man, he really is. I can tell when we get married like the type of wife I am is going to be because of what a great husband he is," Porsha gushed. "He's going to be a great husband because I'm going to want to be such a great wife to him. We almost compete when it comes to pleasing each other and supporting each other, and I love that type of competition in a relationship." 

Porsha even admitted that she is "submissive" to Simon, but not in the way you might think.   

"It means to me to love your husband, reverend him and just the very word of being submissive," Porsha revealed. "The problem was in the past, I was just submissive to the wrong person. If you have a true partnership with your husband or long-term mate, then it will not be a position of submissive where you will feel less than; it'll just be letting that person be the man or the leader of the family. That's what the meaning is to me now, so it's about choosing the right person." 

And Porsha thinks there is one right person to come back to RHOA, in the meantime: NeNe Leakes

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"I think we can all say, whether you're a fan of Housewives or not, we're all a fan of NeNe," Porsha said. "That's her home. She built it, OK? And it would be great. I would love to see her on there, I really would. Take us back to that old school comedy, having a good time enjoying NeNe. I would love to see that." 

Watch the full interview above!

The Pursuit of Porsha is available wherever books are sold. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha's Family Matters airs Sundays on Bravo. 

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