Lauren Conrad Has the Perfect Gifts for the Hard to Shop for People on Your List

If you're not sure what to get for your friends and family, don't worry because Lauren Conrad has you covered.

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We interviewed Lauren Conrad because we think you'll like her picks. The products shown are from Lauren's own brands. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

How is it already December? Whether you've started holiday shopping or if you're someone who doesn't know where to begin, Lauren Conrad is here to help you out as the E! Holiday Guest editor. So far, Lauren has revealed her tips for hosting a stress-free event and her holiday fashion recommendations for the whole family. Now, she's sharing her go-to gift picks, which are perfect for the people on your list who may be tough to shop for.

Lauren's selections are from her Kohl's brand LC Lauren Conrad and The Little Market, which is a nonprofit marketplace with a goal to connect shoppers with artisans from around the world. Lauren explained, "One of our main goals was just to make it easier for artists to make their beautiful products accessible to people who were seeking them out. We have a very well-curated selection of items that we would put into our own homes with things that we love to shop."

If you're scratching your head trying to think of thoughtful presents that your loved ones will appreciate, Lauren's suggestions are just what you need.

Lauren Conrad Shares Holiday Fashion Looks for the Whole Family

E!: There are a lot of gift bundles on The Little Market, which make shopping so much easier. Tell me about putting those together.
LC: We love doing those gift bundles because, personally as a customer, I really like when something's been styled together for me. We have different themes to choose from. We also have the option on there to create little custom ones too if you have something really specific in mind. Sometimes, when you have a pretty long list of people to shop for and you have an idea of what they like, whether they're into the kitchen or they're obsessed with coffee, you can work off that info. It's a nice thing to have a pre-styled gift ready to go.

This time of year is very important for us at The Little Market because we are very into gifting. I think that now more than ever people are really excited to gift from places like The Little Market, with us being a non-profit and having all pieces that are Fairtrade and handmade. I think people are becoming more and more invested in the story behind the items and they feel really good about getting and giving gifts from places like ours. We try really, really hard with the gifting.

The Little Market Cookbook Gift Set

Customers can build their own cookbook gift sets with their choices of cookbook and utensils with options to add spices, olive oil, kitchen towels, and other items to the bundle.

Each cookbook purchase supports human rights and social justice advocacy.

The Little Market Coffee Gift Set

Build your coffee-centric bundle with the coffee, mugs, and spoon of your choice. 

The Little Market Happy Holidays Personalized Candle

"I love doing custom candles," Lauren shared, suggesting, "You could do something classic and simple like 'Happy Holidays, love the Tells.' To put in a custom order makes your gifts feel special. Any time you can personalize an item, it doesn't feel like a last-minute thought. Instead, it feels more special."

The Little Market Peace Out 2021 Candle

Lauren shared, "I actually have a lot of our candles just ready to go because I think they make the best host gifts. I mean, actually they make the best anything gifts. I think that showing up with a nice candle is always a really great option and we do personalize. I love them. These are also some of my favorite gifts to give to co-workers and things like that when you want to do something nice when alcohol isn't always an appropriate option."

You can get a funn inscription. Last year I did something like 'peace out, 2020,' which was perfect for people to burn.  To put in a custom order makes your gifts feel special. 

E!: In recent years, there has been more of an emphasis on self-care products than ever before. There are so many gifts that people don't buy for themselves, but they really appreciate when they receive them from someone else. What are some self-care items that you recommend for gift giving?
LC: We have a really great selection of spa products. We have a sugar scrub and soaking salts. We also do one in peppermint, which is my absolute favorite. Not only does it feel seasonally appropriate, but it's also just so nice during those winter months for your skin. Doing a peppermint bath is just so amazing.

The Little Market Soaking Salts

These soaking salts are just what you need for some self-care. They're made from natural, hand-blended pink Himalayan soaking salts. This one is infused with peppermint essential oil to achieve a refreshing and calming experience. These salts are also available in citrus, coconut, lavender, rose, and vanilla. 

The purchase of these soaking salts supports young mothers from under-resourced communities in Chicago, Illinois by providing a job training program to succeed in the workforce. They are empowered to build a bright career path, raise strong families, and create loving homes and communities.

The Little Market Sugar Scrub- Peppermint

Deeply exfoliate your skin and give it the dose of hydration it's been craving. This scrub has sugar, coconut oil, and peppermint oil fragrance for a refreshing experience.

Each purchase supports resilient individuals in Los Angeles who are survivors of human trafficking. Through a skill development program with The Little Market, the producers earn fair wages and build strong futures.

E!: I appreciate how the Little Market takes the presentation of gift giving into account with so many boxes, totes, and gift tags.
LC: What's great about the bags is that we do them in all different sizes because we have some smaller wine bags. We also do the really large market bags, depending on what you want. We have so many. Anything you can dream up, it's on there. I use those often for gifting because they serve sort of a dual purpose. It's a nice presentation, but it's also a second gift that can be used many times over. 

The Little Market Wine Tote

The Little Market has reusable wine totes with designs hand-drawn by Lauren. These are great for special occasions, especially housewarmings and holiday parties. Every purchase supports fair wages, skill development, and training for artisan women in rural Bangladeshi communities.

The Little Market Canvas Tote- To the Market

This tote was handmade in Bangladesh. It's a great day-to-day go-to, especially for grocery runs. There are six interior pockets labeled for bread, cheese, wine, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

LC Lauren Conrad Speckled Decorative Bowl Table Decor

"This bowl is actually one of my favorite items that we do and I just ordered a ton of them because, again, it's very neutral and it functions as a serving bowl. I have some on open shelves and it's just one of those things you can never have enough of. It's also something that I think is a really nice gift. You can make a bundle with it and a cookbook, and maybe a couple of wooden spoons, wrapped up really nicely together," Lauren suggested.

The Immigrant Cookbook Recipes that Make America Great

This special cookbook has recipes for appetizers, entrees, and more from 80 famous chefs from around the world. Every purchase supports the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project.

Katha Quilts

Lauren shared, "One of my favorite gifts on our site is the Kantha quilt. I have like 10 of them in my house and I'm obsessed with them. I gave them as gifts to a bunch of people last year. They're great especially if you have kids because they're just mixed prints so you're never worried about kids spilling on them or getting them messy. They're lightweight, so it's really easy to take with you to a place. That's my favorite gift to give because they're all one of a kind and you can pick them according to the color schemes of a home."

Each quilt has unique pattern and has been hand-stitched for 12+ hours.

If you're looking for more holiday insights from Lauren, check out her tips for stress-free hosting.

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