Dax Shepard Reveals the Surprising Hack He Uses to Put His Daughter to Sleep

Dax Shepard shared his unexpected method for putting his daughter to sleep—and you might love it, hate it or want to try it yourself. He and Kristen Bell also gave their takes on mess and noise.

By Samantha Schnurr Dec 01, 2021 2:28 PMTags
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As the saying goes—don't knock it until you try it. 

Such may apply to Dax Shepard's method for putting his daughter to bed. The actor, whose other half is Kristen Bell, revealed to People and Parents the unique way he lulls their 6-year-old daughter Delta to sleep. "I figured out that if I scratch my younger daughter's head extremely hard­—her request," he said, "she is out cold within 90 seconds."

As the couple fans can count on to keep it real, Dax and Kristen, who are also parents to 8-year-old daughter Lincoln, candidly weighed in on other parenting pain points, like mess and noise. Fair warning if you're planning to become a parent, Dax says bid farewell to an organized home. 

"I wish someone had let me know that I will never have anything nice again," he shared. "That would've been a good heads-up." 

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Dax continued, "If you like that there's no crumbs and toys on your floor, say goodbye to it. The quicker you come to accept that you're going to live in a pigsty and that everything will be vaguely broken—the quicker you can accept that, the happier the experience is because we fought it for like six months."

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And, according to Kristen, when the kids are awake, say goodbye to quiet time.

"I wish someone told me how loud my house would become because I guess I thought they're littler people, right? They might be less loud. And they're not," the star said.

"The volume is three x what a normal person should be, and the problem is it's not just volume, it's the consistency of noise. It's like having NPR on all the time—so two stations of NPR on all the time—but if it were all questions. No answers, no fun stories, just all questions. And that's a lot."