Relive the Fashion Evolution of Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City

Cynthia Nixon's Miranda Hobbes may have had the biggest fashion evolution on Sex and the City. Relive her best moments here.

By Jillian Fabiano Dec 01, 2021 5:00 PMTags
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Turtlenecks, ties and teal, oh my!

When it comes to fashion icons on Sex and the City, our minds may go straight to our Dior Saddle Bag-loving Carrie Bradshaw, but she isn't the only one in the series making a statement with her clothing—and that's where Miranda Hobbes comes in. Miranda, played by the ever-so-fabulous Cynthia Nixon, has had countless memorable outfits on the original six season series, as well as Sex and the City: The Movie and Sex and the City 2

From turtlenecks to plunging necklines, Miranda's style certainly shifted throughout the years. She started off the series with a more conservative, lawyerly look, and then began to add so more color and femininity to her wardrobe. But while her style may have changed, one thing remains the same: she is allll about the statement earrings and chunky jewelry, and we love her for it. And who could forget the incredible Zac Posen gown she wore to Carrie's wedding. One word: iconic.

As we wait for the SATC revival series, And Just Like That, which premieres Dec. 9 on HBO Max, we couldn't help but wonder...what will Miranda's wardrobe entail? From the looks of the reboot photos, more fun patterns, bold colors, and of course, unique earrings are in store for our favorite redhead. 

Sex and the City Revival: Everything We Know So Far

And without further adieu, we present to you: the fashion evolution of Miranda Hobbes.

Scroll through the gallery below to relive her most iconic fashion moments.

Blue Crush

While in Abu Dhabi in Sex and the City 2, Miranda sticks to her go-to color palette of cool teals but punches up her pattern play.

Hang Low

Miranda signature accessory, large chandelier earrings, are highly visible thanks to her short crop.

Prints Posse

Metallic accessories added a touch of dazzle to Miranda's simple black-and-white patterned sheath.

Taking the Plunge

Drinks with the girls? Just another reason to go all out! Miranda shows off her sexy side in a plunging dress and statement earrings.

Yellow There!

Unlike the earlier seasons, by the first film Miranda's wardrobe is color coordinated to complement her fiery mane.

Nude 'Tude

For the first Sex and the City film, Miranda gets heavy into the belt trend, using the accessory to cinch slim-fitting silhouettes and coats.

Gray Lady

Miranda's professional vibe takes on a more sophisticated style in the later seasons. Her character returns to various takes on black occasionally like this gray ensemble.

Maid of Honor

At Carrie's wedding, Miranda wears a cobalt blue Zac Posen gown. Violet hues like this one continue to be her preferred shade.

Good Jeans

In season six, Miranda gets her groove back after dropping her pregnancy pounds and discovering her favorite pair of skinny jeans fit again. While wearing the denim at a club she finds the pants also give her a confidence boost.

The One

After a rough go at first, Miranda finds her rhythm once more in season six. Not only is she able to fit into her skinny jeans again but also she lands herself a smoking-hot doctor boyfriend. But Miranda finally realizes that Steve is "the one." Eschewing the traditional "virginal" white dress, Miranda wears this burgundy velvet jacket with a matching long skirt to marry Steve in a sweet, intimate ceremony surrounded by her nearest and dearest.

Mommyhood for Miranda

Miranda finally meets her match in season five: her new adorable baby boy, Brady. Trying to keep up with work and her social life proves to be tougher than she thought, and her lack of fashion imagination here underscores the point.

Game Changer

In season four, Miranda's mother dies, revealing a whole new aspect of this usually tough redhead. Soon after, she faces an unexpected pregnancy after one night with Steve. After looking deep inside for the answer, she decides to keep the baby, but she's not about to give up her career or her friends in the process, and her still serious but more stylish clothes prove it.

Softer Side

As Miranda's heart begins to open up to Steve Brady and she gives monogamy a try in season three, her hard-edged look begins to soften accordingly. Her clothes become more ladylike and her hair even takes a break from its spiky keep-away-from-me style.


Androgyny Rules

Miranda's style for season one swings to the opposite end of the Carrie-spectrum with androgynous, conservative looks that are perfect for Miranda's job as a corporate attorney. While here she's pretending to be a lesbian to impress her boss who favors diversity in the workplace, this menswear-inspired suit isn't far off from her normal uniform of dark colors and classic cuts.

A Step Forward

Miranda finally reveals some skin—and her shape—in a sleeveless turtleneck LBD but she's still far from giving it away for free in season two. Though her jewelry tends toward the chunky side, it helps feminize her overall look by revealing her sense of personal style despite the office-approved outfits she favors.

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