Kathy Hilton Finally Breaks Down the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Dinner From Hell

Kathy Hilton took E! News inside The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' "Dinner Party From Hell: Part Two." Hear her take on the drama and find out what Bravo's cameras didn't catch!

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No one does dinner parties quite like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer's season one soiree aptly titled "The Dinner Party From Hell" is responsible for several of the franchise's most iconic moments—namely, the e-cigarette smoking psychic medium Allison DuBois casually telling Kyle Richards her husband Mauricio Umansky will "never emotionally fulfill" her—and despite the fact that more than a decade has passed since the episode first aired, fans were finally treated to an equally dramatic affair on the latest season of RHOBH as part of "The Dinner Party From Hell: Part Two." 

Kathy Hilton was the hostess this time around, and her lavish dinner quickly descended into chaos when the ladies began questioning Erika Jayne about her legal troubles

Now, Kathy herself is unpacking everything that went down. As part of an exclusive conversation with E! News, the mother to Paris Hilton and sister of Kyle and Kim Richards shared her honest thoughts on the drama, revealed what the RHOBH cameras didn't catch and more (including her best party planning tips just in time for the holidays!).

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"I would have to tell you, truthfully, I did not plan for that kind of drama," Kathy recently said. "When I agreed to do the show, I said, 'If I can do what I enjoy doing,'...I just don't fight."

Heading into the evening, she was less concerned with potential arguments than the dinner itself. 

"I normally do not entertain formally like that," Kathy explained. "I love to entertain but I like to entertain more relaxed style—you know, beautiful buffets, beautiful flowers—but I don't bring out every single thing from the silver to the crystal. I mean, this was really on steroids, this party."


More specifically, the dinner took five days to prepare, even with the help of various companies and contractors Kathy sought out on Yelp—yes, Kathy Hilton uses Yelp (more on that later). So when Erika became enraged at the ladies' line of questioning, Kathy wasn't exactly prepared. 

"I really had never seen anything like that, and I've been around some drama, believe me," Kathy told E! News of the gathering with Erika, Kyle, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal Kung Minkoff. "Usually, it's quiet drama where two ladies go off and they start talking about this and that."

She added, "And it was all new to me, so I didn't really want to kick people out or say, 'Excuse me, you have to leave.' But I did get up from the table several times to leave the room because I was so uncomfortable. But obviously, they don't show that part."

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Another moment RHOBH fans didn't see? Most of the women rallying around Sutton after she stormed out, upset with Erika for lashing out at her.

"This has never been addressed and I should've addressed it: Sutton did not leave the house upset," Kathy shared with E! News. "They showed her leaving in the car. I talked to her and made sure that she came back into the library...and we calmed her down."

She continued, "I said to her, which I always say to people and I've said it to several of the girls before when they get amped up and upset, I say to them, 'If you walk out the door right now, be ready to walk and don't come back.'"

At the same time, Kathy didn't want Sutton leaving her house "hurt."

"We brought Sutton into the library and we had the other girls come in—Crystal and all of them—and nobody walked out crying," she added. "I don't know if I should say that or not, but..."

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Currently, Kathy remains undecided about her future on RHOBH. However, regardless if she returns for season 12 or not, she is willing to give another Housewives dinner party a try: "I'm always ready to have a dinner party!"

In the meantime, she's plenty busy doing just that throughout the holiday season. Determined to save time this year, Kathy even teamed with Yelp to prepare for festivities and transform her home into a winter wonderland.

"I do a big, big Christmas so I do need to have people help me take it down," Kathy explained, crediting her discovery of Yelp to her assistant years back. "I love to put it up, but I don't like taking it down, just the really precious things. Also, one thing I don't do, I'm not great at lighting a tree so I have some—I call them my elves, I met them through Yelp—and they're incredible. I mean, gift wrapping, they're incredible!"

Sara Jaye Weiss

She also relies on Yelp's selection of local businesses—among her favorites are Edelweiss Chocolates and Pico Cleaners—including handymen, as "something's always breaking." 

"I was having a dinner party and doing Italian night and all of a sudden the stove went off," Kathy recalled. "And I like to do my sauce earlier in the day, thank goodness there was time to get somebody over here."

If only there was somebody to call to fix Real Housewives drama!

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