Jazz Jennings Is Ready to "Begin the Next Chapter" in Honest I Am Jazz Sneak Peek

See what's in store for the entire Jennings family before the I Am Jazz season seven premiere on Nov. 30.

By Jillian Fabiano Nov 29, 2021 7:59 PMTags

Season seven of I am Jazz is coming to TLC, and "there's a lot of adult energy," according to cast member Ari Jennings

In an E! exclusive clip, we get a sneak peek at what's to come in the new season of I Am Jazz, premiering Nov. 30, and it's safe to say things are heating up in the Jennings' kitchen as Jazz Jennings prepares to head to college, and the rest of the siblings, well, make a mess of the house.

"Definitely they're very messy," Ari says as she points to her brothers, Sander Jennings and Griffen Jennings, before the clip shows Sander flipping an omelet onto the ground. He may not have stuck the landing, but A for effort!

"It was much easier when they were little," says their mom, Jeanette Jennings. "I'll change dirty diapers any day over the stuff that we go through."

But it looks like the Jennings parents won't have to deal with a messy kitchen much longer. 

"You guys are going to be empty nesters soon," Jazz says to her parents on a Booze Cruise for her grandmother's birthday. "Sander's going to move out, and then Ari's going to get her PhD and then I'm hopefully going to Harvard."

Taking vodka shots on a boat with the Jennings fam? Save us a seat for the next birthday party! 

Jazz Jennings Reflects on 100-Pound Weight Gain Due to "Binge Eating" in I Am Jazz First Look

After opening up about her ongoing health journey, and struggling with an eating disorder, Jazz is ready for a change of pace. "I really, really want to be sitting in a classroom this fall, like this is everything I have been waiting for," Jazz says in the sneak peek. "But there are some prerequisites. I need to submit a therapist letter saying that I have been stable for at least six months and that I am ready to attend school. Also, I need to prove to Harvard that I could carry a full schedule, so I have to work or volunteer for 40 hours a week, showing that I can be productive." 


"The past two years have been a struggle not just for me but for my entire family," Jazz continues. "They've held my hand and supported me and stayed by my side throughout every single second of it all and I focus every day on expressing gratitude for them because we really are a blessed family." 

"I know that I have a long way to go, but I am finally ready to begin the next chapter."

Watch Jazz begin her next chapter when I Am Jazz season seven premieres Nov. 30 on TLC.

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