Hawkeye Introduces a Major Marvel Character

Hawkeye’s latest episode just revealed a new villain. Discover what fans are talking about; plus, details on a Disney spin-off.

By ElizaBeth Taylor Nov 24, 2021 7:42 PMTags
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Did you feel that?

Hawkeye's Nov. 23 episode two introduced a new character who got fans' hearts pumping—and had viewers watching that final scene on repeat. In "Hide and Seek," Clint, aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), helps Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) cut free from the Tracksuit mafia and a real-life murder mystery.

A certain someone has ordered the gang members to bring Hawkeye to her. They bring him to a warehouse and Kate attempts to rescue him. Things don't go as planned and they both end up trapped in the building. Loud, pounding music and a red light eerily creep out from a corner, where a woman is listening to music on a speaker. She feels the vibrations of the bass and only stares at the gang member when they tell her of their conquest. This is our introduction to the show's newest character, Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox), also known as the superhero Echo.

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And she'll likely be much more than a bit player in the series. Marvel had already announced this month that a Disney+ series featuring the actress and the character was in the works, with Marion Dayre serving as head writer.

In 1999, David Mack and Joe Quesada created Echo, who is a Native American woman with advanced martial arts training who also happens to be one of a very few deaf comic book heroes. The character also has a superpower that allows her to mimic any physical movement she sees.

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Newcomer Cox joins the powerhouse of Hawkeye, which includes Renner and Steinfeld as well as Vera FarmigaTony Dalton and Linda Cardellini. The new MCU series tells the story of arrow-slinging Avenger, Hawkeye, who just wants to get back to his family for Christmas—but a criminal conspiracy threatens to stop him. That's when Kate, a 22-year-old skilled archer who happens to be Hawkeye's biggest fan, comes along and puts a bump on the road home.


The next episode of Hawkeye airs Dec. 1 on Disney+.

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