Addicted to Marriage Sneak Peek: Are Monette's 11 Ex-Husbands a "Burden" to Her Boyfriend?

After 11 marriages, Monette knows what she's looking for in a 12th husband. Yet does her boyfriend John find her to be a "burden"? Watch the tense Addicted to Marriage clip, airing Nov. 30.

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 26, 2021 4:00 PMTags

Monette may be Addicted to Marriagebut she's sure not addicted to love. 

The star of TLC's hit reality series confronts her boyfriend John about the lull in their two-year romance. For the record, Monette knows a thing or two about forever loves: She's been married 11 times

"Tonight at John's birthday dinner, I have a lot of things weighing on my heart and on my mind," Monette explains in an exclusive sneak peek at the new episode, airing Tuesday, Nov. 30. "And I need to share that with him because if I don't, I feel like we will never make it." 

Over their meal, Monette explains to John why she feels like they're at a breaking point.

"I really haven't known where we stand in this relationship," Monette says through tears. "At the beginning, you just adored me. You looked at me like the sun rose and set with me. And you couldn't get enough of me."

Now, things have changed: "Lately, it's felt like a burden that I'm there. There's not a spark anymore, there's not the relationship," Monette continues. "I miss you. I'm a very physical person."

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Monette adds, "Before, in any other relationship, you know how many times I've been married, I've jumped ship. I'm gone. And here we are, after two years, and I'm in it. But I don't want to fight if you don't want to be here." 

John gives an honest answer. "You know how I am, because of the pressure, because of everything I've got going on," he replies. "But you are frustrating, and I think that I shut down because of the frustration." 

During a confessional, John reveals what he believes to be the root of their issues.

"The beginning of my relationship with Monette was a whirlwind. She drew me into her orbit. But I do not believe that Monette is financially responsible," John explains. "If Monette and I saw eye to eye on money, I think we would be well and far ahead in our relationship than where we're at." 


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Can Monette and John mend things? Will John pop the question and complete Monette's dozen marriages? 

Watch the clip above! 

Addicted to Marriage airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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