We're Thankful for These Sex and the City Best Friend Moments

And Just Like That we have rounded up our favorite Sex and the City BFF moments. Check them out here.

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If there's anything Carrie Bradshaw and the girls have taught us, it's that trends may come and go, but true friendship never goes out of style

Whether Carrie and Big are breaking up for the 100th time, or Samantha is explicitly sharing her latest sexcapade, the Sex and the City ladies stick together through thick and thin. (Although we can't say the same for the actresses who play them, but we digress...)

The Emmy Award–winning HBO drama, which stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Chris Noth and Willie Garson, won the hearts of women everywhere when it aired for six seasons between 1998 and 2004. And the show's legacy hasn't stopped there, as SATC boasts two successful feature films. Next up for the franchise? The highly anticipated revival, And Just Like That, which premieres Dec. 9 on HBO Max.

Since we're currently enjoying holiday-themed cosmos and pumpkin pie at home, we thought it'd be best to relive the SATC friendship moments we're grateful for. (And, for the record, it was a harder decision than Carrie trying to choose between buying shoes and paying rent.)

Sex and the City Revival: Everything We Know So Far

Sit back, relax and let the below moments remind you that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are everyone's favorite girl gang for a reason.

Charlotte Suggests the Girls are Each Other's Soulmates

Episode: "The Agony and the Ex-tacy"

In a heartbreaking turn of events, none of Carrie's friends show up to her 35th birthday dinner. After sitting by herself at the table and walking home alone, birthday cake in hand, her friends convince her to go to a coffee shop with them to celebrate. Carrie admits that the hardest part of this particular birthday was not having a "soulmate" to wish her happy birthday. 

Charlotte then suggests, "maybe we could be each other's soulmates, and then we could let men be just these great nice guys to have fun with." We're not crying, you are. (Okay, we are too.)

Samantha Stands Up for Charlotte

Episode: "The Baby Shower"

The girls attend a baby shower but tensions get high when Charlotte learns that her friend stole her future baby's name, Shayla. When Samantha walks in the room and hears the fighting, she immediately sides with Charlotte and calls the woman a "bitch." 

Everyone needs a friend like Samantha in their corner! 

The Girls Put Big in the Hot Seat

Episode: "An American Girl in Paris: Part Une"

After Carrie moves to Paris, Big calls her saying that he "can't lose her again," and Charlotte answers the phone. The scene cuts to Big meeting up with the three girls at a café, asking if they believe he still has a chance. He tells the girls that they are the "loves of her life and a guy is just lucky to come in fourth."

Though Big admittedly hasn't been their "favorite over the years," he tells them that he loves her. He proceeds to say that if they think he has a chance, he will go after Carrie, and if he doesn't, he will leave her alone. After the trio exchange glances, Miranda says, "Go get our girl." A tear jerker every time.

Charlotte Gives Carrie Her Engagement Ring

Episode: "Ring a Ding Ding"

When Carrie learns that she is in debt, Charlotte selflessly gives Carrie her engagement ring from Trey to sell. You know the saying "diamonds are girl's best friend," but apparently Charlotte values her friendship with Carrie a whole lot more. 

Miranda Holds Back Carrie's Hair on the Beach

Episode: "Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women"

When Carrie finds out that Big is engaged to Natasha, she becomes physically ill and begins to throw up on the beach. Miranda runs after her to hold back her hair. Not only is it relatable, but nothing screams "true friend" more than holding back your friend's hair when they're sick.

Miranda Being Straight With Carrie

Episode: "Splat!"

When Carrie decides to quit her column and move to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky, Miranda isn't afraid to tell her that she thinks Carrie is making a big mistake. She argues that Carrie is giving up her life to go live Aleksandr's. Though Carrie was upset and it wasn't what she wanted to hear, it's what she needed to hear, and sometimes that's what being a best friend is all about. 

The Girls Stand Up for Miranda in Atlantic City

Episode: "Luck Be an Old Lady"

The girls head to Atlantic City for Charlotte's 36th birthday party, but when Carre suggests the group take a picture at the poker table, trouble strikes. An irritated gambler yells, "Hey, Red, move your fat ass." The girls immediately come to Miranda's defense and start fighting back. At the end, they even get a round of applause from onlookers! 

Carrie Sticks Up for Charlotte

Episode: "Unoriginal Sin"

While getting over her divorce from Trey, Charlotte takes Carrie to a positivity course. But when Charlotte stands up to ask a question, and the host suggests that she isn't trying hard enough to find love, Carrie grabs the mic and fights back. 

Carrie Comforts Miranda at Her Mother's Funeral

Episode: "My Motherboard, My Self"

When Miranda's mother unexpectedly passes away, the girls travel to Philadelphia to attend the funeral. As the funeral procession is exiting the church, Carrie hops in line to walk with Miranda down the aisle and comfort her. 

Miranda "Walks" Charlotte Home

Episode: "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"

After Charlotte found out she was unable to conceive, she was understandably devastated. When she bumped into Miranda on her way home, she wanted to be alone, but in true friend fashion, Miranda stood behind Charlotte and walked her home from a distance to make sure she was OK. 

Charlotte Yells at Big

In Sex and the City: The Movie, Charlotte runs into Big after he ditches Carrie on their wedding day. Being a loyal friend, she has some choice words for him. "I'm so mad at you," she yells. "I was always on your side, and you go and you do that to Carrie."

"No, no, I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to waste tears on you," she continues before her water breaks. "I curse the day you were born." 

And Just Like That premieres Dec. 4 on HBO Max.

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