Kanye "Ye" West Filmed Tom Brady Playing Catch With His Son Saint and It's the Cutest Footage of All Time

Who knew Saint West and Tom Brady had so much in common? See the adorable moment the quarterback and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 5-year-old bond over football.

By Tionah Lee Nov 23, 2021 3:27 PMTags
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This might be the cutest footage of all time!

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, shared a video of Tom Brady playing a special round of catch with his and Kim Kardashian's son Saint. In the clip, posted on the "Famous" rapper's Instagram on Nov. 22, Saint and Tom engage in some GOAT talk, as they pass the football in a special suite. "You catch it good too," the quarterback told the 5-year-old. "Say, ‘Daddy, you're gonna have to throw me the ball all the time now.'"

During their game, the 44-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneer revealed that Saint has more interest in catch than his children, John, Benjamin and Vivian. "You're going to keep daddy super busy," the athlete said. "I always tell my kids to play catch with me and they like ‘dad, that's enough.'"

Saint was sure to tell the MVP that his mind isn't just on football. "I like basketball too," he shared. When Tom asked if the mini athlete had any interest in skiing, Saint replied: "never did it." Tom and Saint also realized that neither one of them is good at soccer.

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Even though he didn't join in on the catch fun, Ye—who operated the camera—learned that him and Tom's middle son have something in common—drawing. After Saint shared that he in fact likes to draw too, Tom suggested that they draw something together when he showed up to the venue.

Ye finally found his moment. "You can play catch with my son," he chimed in. "And I'll draw with your son."

Tom responded, "He would love that."

When Ye admitted that "he's a little bit creative" Tom jokingly replied, "We know."

At the end of the video, Tom encouraged Saint, who played the entire round with his cast on his broken arm, to challenge himself and step further back. When Saint moved across the room, the veteran player joked, "That's too far. I can't throw it that far I'm getting old."

When Saint missed the initial throw, his dad was right there with the support, "He only missed that cuz he has a cast. We can photoshop that into a catch."

We don't know about you but this is truly the greatest sports highlight reel of all time.