Heather Rae & Tarek El Moussa Are Taking This Major Step to Having a Baby

By Allison Crist Nov 22, 2021 8:41 PMTags

First comes love, then comes marriage... 

Heather Rae El Moussa and Tarek El Moussa may be fresh off their honeymoon, but the happy couple is already looking to the future. 

More specifically, Heather and Tarek are seemingly eager to add another member to their family, giving Tarek's two children that he shares with ex-wife Christina HaackTaylor, 11, and Brayden, 6—a new sibling. As Tarek explained during E! News Daily Pop on Monday, Nov. 22, the newlyweds are not only "having talks about having babies," but also, "practicing having babies."

"I'm more open to it because our life is already crazy," Heather told hosts Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart. "We're raising two kids. I'm already a mommy. So I'm like, well, why not have just one more?"

To push the process along, Heather and Tarek already have a plan in place. 

"We're going to freeze embryos first, go from there and then see what happens," the Selling Sunset star added.

Inside Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young's Honeymoon

In the meantime, the couple is patiently awaiting the premiere of Tarek & Heather: The Big I Do, an inside look at their wedding set to air on HGTV and stream on Discovery+.

Heather admitted on Daily Pop that she started to get cold feet about filming their big day, but looking back, she's happy with their decision.

"Right before, I was like, 'I wish we didn't do this' because it's such a personal, intimate day," she explained. "For me, like, a girl's wedding day is one of the most important defining moments of your life and I was just so worried something was going to go wrong or it wasn't going to turn out how we wanted. But honestly, we didn't even notice the cameras. We weren't even paying attention."

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Tarek agreed, adding, "It was nice. It was like the cameras weren't there. That was something really important, we didn't want it to feel like filming, we didn't want it to feel like like work. We just wanted the cameras to capture our wedding and I think they achieved that."

The couple continued to dish on the details of their wedding—from their self-written vows and post-reception pizza to an air conditioning mishap that forced Tarek and his groomsmen to switch rooms three times, unbeknownst to Heather who had the "perfect" day—and eventually answered the question they had to know was coming: Who wasn't in attendance?

As Justin pointed out, perhaps Heather's Selling Sunset co-star, Christine Quinn

Correct. "She was not invited to the wedding," Heather responded. "She was the only one that wasn't invited besides, like, maybe—no, everyone was invited besides her."

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young's Wedding

"It's such an intimate special day and we wanted just people there that we love and we trusted and that are our true friends," Heather continued. "And she's not a true friend to us, so why would we have her there just because I work with her?"

Tarek insisted that they're going to "work on everybody getting along a little bit better" moving forward, but his optimism only landed him in the hot seat as Justin then asked if he extended an invitation to Christina.

"No, I didn't," Tarek responded, citing a "no exes at the wedding" rule.

Hear more from the newlyweds in the above Daily Pop interview!

Selling Sunset premieres November 24th on Netflix. Plus, Tarek & Heather: The Big I Do premieres December 16 on HGTV and will be available to stream on Discovery+.