How Khloe Kardashian Really Feels About the "Unsolicited Commentary" She Gets About Parenting True

When you're Khloe Kardashian, there are a lot of opinions. In a new interview, the reality star got candid about her new approach to social media and how she manages chatter over her daughter, True.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 19, 2021 4:47 PMTags
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She rose to fame by sharing her life with the world, but Khloe Kardashian has reached her limit. 

In a new interview with Cosmopolitan UK, the 37-year-old mom addressed the minefield of social media and how she navigates it—particularly when it comes to her daughter, 3-year-old True Thompson

"I've learned that you can't just post anything because people will comment and say the craziest things!" she told the magazine. As an example, the reality star cited a video she shared of her daughter talking and eating cut-up grapes. "People were going, 'Cut the grapes, she's going to choke.' And I was like, 'They're cut!'" she recalled. "I'm not going to let my child choke."

Ultimately, Kardashian has realized that there's no winning online. "People give unsolicited commentary no matter what you do," she said. "So I try and keep True stuff as clear and simple as I can for her sake. I don't want that energy on my child. Leave her alone."

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It seems she doesn't want that energy on herself either. Lately, Kardashian spends less than an hour a day on social media. "I used to spend more for sure, but I'm really good at not being on social media," she said. "It scares me." 

When she is on it, Khloe has started to take a different approach. "I used to comment a lot more but the last couple of months, I've been posting and walking away," she said. "It's so dark and consuming sometimes. When I don't feel strong enough emotionally, I have to know that and put myself first."

Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

Another way the Good American co-founder is blocking out some of that noise is by keeping certain things out of the public eye entirely. "I used to share anything and everything. I don't know if it's age or if I started being more aware and exposed, but you become more guarded—in a healthy way. We definitely like to, now, keep some things for us," she said. "It's growing up. You're allowed to change what you're comfortable with. It's nice to keep a lot of the milestones more private and maybe release a couple of photos. People are still in our lives and know what we're doing, but it doesn't have to be the entire birthday party."

Cosmopolitan's December 2021 / January 2022 issue hits newsstands on Nov. 23. 

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