Sex and the City Producer Teases His Plan for And Just Like That's Future

Longtime SATC executive producer Michael Patrick King revealed the "real reason" he is telling a new story about Carrie and company. See what he had to say in emmy Magazine.

By ElizaBeth Taylor Nov 19, 2021 5:00 PMTags

Pour yourself another cosmo or sip on this delicious Sex and the City tea.  

E! News has an exclusive first look at emmy Magazine's in-depth chat with And Just Like That executive producer Michael Patrick King, in which he discusses everything from how the revival came to be to how Kim Cattrall's absence has affected the show.

In the captivating interview, which hits newsstands Dec. 3, King opens the closet wide open, letting some gorgeous secrets and stylish details pour out about the highly anticipated reboot.

HBO's beloved series about thirty-something Carrie Bradshaw and her BFFs Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes and Samantha Jones has always been en vogue with audiences, so when the new HBO Max show was announced, it elevated fans' emotions and had them wondering in a New York minute how it all came about.

King reveals in the interview, "Sarah Jessica [Parker] and I had talked about doing a podcast about the show. We went down that road for a while because we still have a lot to say about it. Then all of a sudden, I thought, ‘Why are we talking about the past? Why don't we do something in the present?' And pretty quickly, we decided we wanted to do it."

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And, yes, just like that, the show came about with Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon. But an ingredient was missing in the successful recipe, as Cattrall, in a very public forum, declined to participate in the reboot.

When asked how the new series will be different without Samantha, the showrunner replies, "What you know is that Kim Cattrall is not in it. You don't know this: that Samantha is not."


After dropping this juicy tidbit, King further teases, "The real reason I wanted to do this again is because I felt strongly that there was a new story to tell."

So, does this mean And Just Like That will have more than just one season? King's answer: "I don't know. As we were working, it always felt like the beginning. It didn't feel like a beginning, middle and an end. So I think it's possible to keep going—if we have enough good stories."

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The intrigue is certainly there, with fans desperate for any insight into the upcoming HBO Max show. According to King, "people have connected to these characters."

"It's almost cosplay," he said of people trying uncover spoilers, "it's what they want to have happen. So it's very interactive. It's not just like us keeping a secret. People have projected what they think we're doing and what they want to have happen and what they don't want to have happen."


We guess we'll just have to twirl in our tutus and wait for the December premiere for our burning questions to be answered.

You can find King's full interview in emmy Magazine when it hits newsstands on Dec. 3. And Just Like That debuts Dec. 9 on HBO Max.

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