Julie & Todd Chrisley Reveal What's on the Menu for "Competitive" Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving

The stars of Chrisley Knows Best take on the holidays with a Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving special, premiering Nov. 18 on Peacock. Julie & Todd Chrisley dish on the menu and hijinks!

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 18, 2021 9:17 PMTags
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There's about to be a whole lot of chefs in the Chrisley kitchen

The beloved family behind Growing Up Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Best take on the holidays with a Peacock Thanksgiving special, Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving, premiering today, Nov. 18. The holiday-themed episode shows Julie Chrisley trying to teach her children—Chase, 25, Savannah, 24 and Grayson, 15—how to cook a Chrisley family dinner.

"Everyone's kind of vying for the position of being the best: being the best helper, being the best sous chef, when it comes to Thanksgiving," Julie exclusively told E! News ahead of the premiere.

From homemade macaroni and cheese to cornbread dressing and broccoli salad, Julie's passion is to craft the perfect Southern Thanksgiving meal. "My carrot cake is probably the favorite," she added, while husband Todd Chrisley joked there will never be traditional stuffing on their table. 

"I love 98 percent of what she puts on the table," Todd quipped. "There's two percent in there where you tried some wonky s--t that I don't like. And I do not like the casserole."  

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And as the Chrisley children grow older, Todd and Julie hope they will carry on the family traditions.

"Chase and Savannah, they both have their own homes," Todd noted. "They're wanting to take what they've grown up with and incorporate that into their own homes."

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He gushed, "Savannah is an amazing cook. She is 90 percent her mother in the kitchen, and Chase is looking for this young woman that is going to be what Savannah is and what Julie is and what my mother is in the kitchen." 

But definitely expect the kids to butt heads. 


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"Our family is really competitive," Todd admitted. "I've been accused by all my children that I'm the reason they're so competitive because I would always say to Savannah, 'Are you going to let those boys out-do you? Get out there, you can do that.' I think I'm to blame for why they're all so competitive in the kitchen now." 

No matter what, though, Todd and Julie agree that "these are wonderful holidays that we cherish."

Chrisley Knows Thanksgiving begins streaming Thursday, Nov. 18 on Peacock and will air Thursday, Nov. 25 on USA.

Chrisley Knows Best airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on USA.

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