Tori Spelling Slams Paparazzi for Taking Photos at Her Son's School

After an outlet shared photos of Tori Spelling picking up one of her sons at school, the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum shared a message calling out the paparazzi: "Do NOT cross the line."

By Kisha Forde Nov 18, 2021 1:17 PMTags
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Tori Spelling is taking a stand against the paparazzi to protect her kids' privacy.
The actress, who shares five children with husband Dean McDermott, shared a personal message to Instagram after a publication posted photos of her picking up one of her sons from school.
"I've never done this but…I'm pissed!," the Nov 18 message began. "It's one thing to follow celebs around but do NOT cross the line and enter our children's schools! Too far!" Alongside the message, Tori posted the published photo, which included a caption that stated she was outside of a bakery.
"This was not taken at a bakery," Tori continued. "This was taken at my 4-year-old son Beau's private preschool! I was picking him up. This is my child's hot lunch I'm carrying on a plate to the car. I'm picking him up to take him home early because his tummy hurt. His teacher handed me his lunch because he was going home early."

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Referring to the photo that included the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum without her son, Tori added, "Just because you cropped him out of the photo walking in front of me, doesn't give you the right to drive up the private driveway and violate the privacy of this amazing family-owned preschool, the kids there, and their parents. If you insist on following us adult humans everywhere then please know the boundaries of privacy that these kiddos deserve! Think about your own kids? This is a violation that shouldn't be tolerated! Parents out there agree??"

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Tori's plea follows other celeb parents who've criticized the paparazzi for taking photos of their kids. In October, Blake Lively called out an Instagram account for reposting paparazzi photos of her and Ryan Reynolds' three children. Earlier this year, Sophie Turner also slammed paparazzi for snapping photos of her and Joe Jonas' infant daughter, Willa, at the time without her consent.