Have a Hunky Dory Holiday With Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton’s Amazon Fashion Picks

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton's recommendations are festive, comfortable, and affordable.

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We included these products chosen by Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton because we think you'll like their picks. Kyle and Kathy are paid spokespeople for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

Whether you prefer to get glammed up or get cozy for the holidays, a new outfit couldn't hurt, right? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton have affordable Amazon fashion picks no matter how dressed up you want to get for the holidays.

If sweatpants are your vibe, the sisters recommended an affordable two-piece set and some fluffy slippers. Anyone who wants to dress up, can wear the metallic pleated skirt or the velvet blazer that the RHOBH stars picked during their recent Amazon Live session. Their selections include so many options for everyone, for every dress code. 

Kyle Richards & Kathy Hilton’s Holiday Gift Picks Are Thoughtful, Fashionable, and Affordable

Saikesigirl Womens Long Sleeve Open Front Blazer

"This is a pink jacket that I love," Kyle declared, which prompted Kathy to chime in, "I need that. The color is actually a little lighter in person. It's more of a peonies pink. It is so beautiful. It is to die [for], I need this."

"This is something you can wear dressy or casually, which I like. I always wear a blazer," Kyle said. This blazer is also available in black, white, beige, and grey.

Schutz Women's Blanck PVC Sandal

Kyle remarked, "I love this brand. This brand is so great. They're really really great shoes. I love these. You can wear these with a dress or with jeans. They make your legs look longer. With my height, I can use all the help I can get." 

"I have those in beige. Oh my god, they're so pretty. I love them," Kathy added.

Allegra K Women's Elastic Waist Party Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt

"This is a super cute skirt. This is always flattering to me. You can put this with a blouse, a tank top, a turtleneck, or a sweater," Kyle advised. Kathy added, "I love that. You can dress it up."

This festive skirt is available in 21 different colors.

Amazon Essentials Women's Soft-Touch Crewneck Novelty Sweater

Kathy suggested pairing the metallic pleated skirt with this sweater, suggesting, "You can even do it in Aspen with cute boots to play it down." Kyle shared, "This sweater is really soft and it's one of those fabrics that's a little bit stretchy. It's really cute."

Kathy agreed, adding, "This I have to say is so soft and I'm really sensitive, so I actually picked this out. I think this is a definite for all the girls. It's beautiful. I just really love this. How many sweaters make you itch? Not this one." This sweater is also available in other colors and patterns.

Sam Edelman Women's Lydell Combat Boot

Kathy declared, "I'm excited. Look at these boots. I'm a stylist now. I love the textures of the suede. The boot is beautiful. Do you see that boot? This is a great boot if you're out in the snow or in the cold weather."

"My sister is obsessed with these boots," Kyle said. Kathy confirmed that and shared, "Well, I'm in love with these boots," which are available in four different colors.

Zesica Long Sleeve Crop Top and Jogger Set

Kyle gushed, "These pants are a jogger. I love this color. It always looks chic. These pants you can dress up too with a bootie and a cute little blouse." Kathy told her sister, "Kyle, look at this. I'm sorry. I'm just so excited. How gorgeous is this set together, with the boots?"

Kyle continued, "I love love love these colors. When you think of a sweatpant outfit, you think 'Oh, it's a casual look,' but if you wanted to be more elegant looking, more chic, and still comfortable. This is just such a beautiful chic look even if you're just cozy in sweats." You can get this same color that Kyle and Kathy adore or you can check out the 11 other colors. This set has 2,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.

Sdencin Women Houndstooth Pattern Knit Sweater Vest

Kathy asked, "Now, if you were going to take a trip to the mountains, how adorable is this?" Kyle responded, "This is one of my favorite colors. I love it. This is really cute."

This sweater vest is available in 15 different colors.

Furtalk Knit Beanie Hat

"This is a great stocking stuffer," Kathy said. That's when Kyle admitted, "My daughters always tell me I put the beanies on wrong," which prompted Kathy to advise, "You need to have it up a little more. YOLO."

This beanie comes in 26 different colors and has 3,600+ five-star reviews.


Uaneo Plaid Wool Blend Button Down Shirt Jacket

Kathy paired the beige boots with this flannel shacket, declaring, "I'm in love. Feel how soft this is." Kyle added, "This is a really good layering piece. This is really soft."

This button-down plaid shirt is available in eight colors. 

Jiasuqi Cross Open Toe Fuzzy Fluffy House Slippers

Kyle shared, "One of my favorite things to give my daughters and close friends during the holidays are slippers because when you come home at the end of the day, you want to get something cozy on. These are so great. These are so comfortable. How cute are these? They are so so so so soft."

Kathy said, "Those I love! I would wear them as slippers. I do go out with slippers. I'm just like Justin Bieber. Lisa Rinna would love those. We should get those for her." Yes, Lisa Rinna would probably love the animal print, but those aren't the only option. These slippers are available in 20 different patterns and colors. These slippers have 3,000+ five-star Amazon reviews.


Ween Charm Mens Velvet Blazer

Kyle shared, "My favorite color is green. This is my favorite shade of green, this hunter green. This velvet jacket is so beautiful and perfect for the holidays. You can dress up for the holidays or this goes well with jeans." Kathy added, "Love, love, love. It's a beautiful green."

Kyle recalled, "I started seeing oversized blazers on Hailey Bieber a lot and I really like that look." Kathy shared, "I like wearing it on the shoulders," which Kyle described as "very Dorit [Kemsley]." Anyone can pull off this blazer, which is available in a few different colors.

Daily Ritual Women's Relaxed-Fit Mock-Neck Short Puffer Jacket

Kyle said," I love this copper-colored puffer. This is so gorgeous. it's really cute, soft, and squishy. This is a great, great, great puffer." Kathy remarked, "Love that."

This puffer comes in so many different colors.


Daily Ritual Women's Relaxed-Fit Mock-Neck Short Puffer Jacket

Kyle and Kathy love that puffer jacket so much that they also talked about the pink velvet version, with Kathy saying, "You guys, look at the pink velvet. It's so cute. I've never seen a velvet puffer. It zips all the way, which is great to prevent the wind from going through."

Kyle said, It is so beautiful. It's such a great jacket. Such a great gift. All of my daughters will love this." If you love velvet, this puffer also comes in black velvet. There are so many other colors to choose from too.

Amazon Essentials Women's Midweight Water Resistant Puffer Coat

Kyle said,  "This is a great long-length puffer jacket." Kathy added, "This is so beautiful. These pockets are so cozy when you put your hands in. These pockets are so warm and cozy like gloves. This is it. You need this. Oh my god, I'm in love with this. It is so beautiful. I'm in love. Oh my gosh, it's so chic."

Kyle confirmed, "The pockets are fuzzy and fluffy." This puffer also comes in camel, black, and charcoal. 

Levi's Men's Quilted Mixed Media Shirttail Work Wear Puffer Jacket

Kyle declared, "This is my vibes. I love this camouflage, Levi's jacket. Look at this fuzzy neckline. I always love camouflage, to me it never goes out of style. It's a staple to me, especially with black or jeans. How cute is that for going up to the mountains?"

"How about walking around New York, especially with those boots? This is chic," Kathy said.

Babeyond 1920s Flapper Handbag Clutch

"This bag, to me, is so on trend. It's so cool. If you look at Prada right now, this is so their vibe right now. This little bag right here is so good for the holidays, or you can forget the holidays and make this a forever piece. It fits everything. Some of these bags are so cute, but they're so little and you can't even fit your phone in there," Kyle said.

Kathy advised, "Wear a simple outfit with this and a little pair of earrings and you're set. I just bought a bag like this in Paris at Jimmy Choo. It's very similar. You can fit everything in here, yet it's small and chic. That is a great bag for everybody." It's available in 10 colors.

Sojos Vintage Cateye Polarized Women Sunglasses

Kathy declared, "These are so me. The are The Matrix glasses, baby. These are a great stocking stuffer. If you go to my page, you're going to see me with these glasses on. They're not too heavy. They're really comfortable."

These are available in eight colors and have 4,500+ five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers.

JW PEI Gabbi Bag

"This bag is very on trend," Kathy said, adding, "This bag with the long pink puffer and some pink Ugg slippers is so me."

Kyle said that her daughter Alexia Umansky has this bag in lavender. Amazon has this trendy bag in 11 different colors.

UGG Women's Scuffette II Slipper

Kyle said, "These pink Uggs are so cute. Who doesn't love to get these at Christmas?" Kathy responded, "I love them. These are great to wear for Thanksgiving when you're standing up cooking in the kitchen."

The pink slippers are adorable and these also come in grey, brown, purple, and black.

American Trends Warm Wool Socks- 5 Pairs

Kyle remarked, "We all want and need socks, but we don't want to buy them ourselves. These are great gifts to get. I love these cute socks. Nicky [Hilton] taught me about only wearing cute socks. I started buying cute socks ever since she posted 'sock game on point.' I always have fun, cute socks on. I never have a plain pair of socks on. These are soft, stretchy, and super cute."

There are many color combos available.

Herschel Fifteen Waist Pack

"I'm so happy these are back," Kyle said. Kathy said, "You can wear them on your shoulder too. It's very cute. It's very on trend. I love that it's hands-free."

Kyle shared, "My girls wear it like a crossbody. This is good to bring to the airport when they try to limit the amount of bags you can bring on the plane. I wear it under my jacket to bring more on the plane." There are 23 solid colors and patterns to choose from.

Kitsch Velvet Scrunchies for Hair- 5 Pack

"You can never have too many of these velvet scrunchies," Kyle said. Kathy revealed, "I live in these. There's a dark grey, a charcoal grey, a pale grey, a silver, and a black one. These are great and dressy too if you want." There are many color combinations to choose from.

Kathy divulged, "Dorit taught me about these."

Turandoss Dainty Layered Choker Necklace

"I'm getting these for my girls. I love the little pearl on the chain," Kathy said. This three-piece necklace set has 8,800+ five-star reviews.

Reebok Women's Club C 85 Sneaker

Kyle said, "Who doesn't love Reeboks? My girls, this is all that they wear. These are super cute. They go great with everything, light denim, dark denim, whatever."

"The white, cute Reeboks right now are even being shown with midi-dresses and flowy dresses. I love the look. It's effortless chic," Kathy added.

If you're looking for more fashions from Kyle and Kathy, check out these monogrammed bags that they both have.

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