See Terry Bradshaw's Heartwarming Reaction to Daughter Rachel's New Song on The Bradshaw Bunch

By Allison Crist Nov 16, 2021 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Terry Bradshaw Bonds With Rachel Over Her New Music

Number one fan.

Rachel Bradshaw's musical hiatus is officially over on tomorrow's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, and dad Terry Bradshaw couldn't be happier. 

The NFL Hall of Famer has been trying to convince his daughter to revive her singing career since the last season of the E! series, and while Rachel did take a big step by singing in public for the first time in ages at a large NASCAR event, she was still hesitant to jump back into making music. 

Why? As Terry previously revealed, Rachel lost her passion for singing after the tragic death of her husband, Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas.

Now in a better place after taking time to heal, Rachel is finally returning to the booth. In this sneak peek clip, she pulls up to her dad's house to deliver the exciting news: "I just got my mixes back for my record and I want you to hear it with me!"

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Terry and Rachel take off to drive around and listen to Rachel's new song "Wild Horse," which she wrote by herself. 

As the father-daughter duo listens, Rachel explains in a confessional that music is how she best expresses herself.

"We're a big music family," Rachel says, with Terry adding, "It's the way my family was and it was passed onto me."


"You're so good at it," Terry tells Rachel. "It's such a god given gift."

The pair shares an emotional moment, especially as they reflect on Terry pushing Rachel to sing at NASCAR. 

"Wild Horse" is equally emotional, and Rachel reveals, "I feel like I really bared my soul when I was recording this."  

Once the song wraps, Terry asks what's next. A tour? CDs? 

Not exactly. Rachel explains the concept of streaming, and eventually, Terry begins to reflect on how different the industry is now compared to when he released his first album back in 1976.

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"I did 50 some thousand copies of my first album and then I got dropped from the label because it wasn't enough," he recalls, laughing. "Do you think I should do a country album?"

Rachel disapproves, but now that the idea's in his head, who knows what Terry will get into!

Find out on tomorrow's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch.