How Karol G Is "Trying to Empower" Fans on Tour With Her Signature Style

As part of E!'s Backstage Pass, Karol G gave readers an inside look into the making of her sold-out shows across the country. "Everything is about self-love and confidence," she said.

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When you go to a Karol G show, prepare to let your (blue) hair down.

As the Latin Grammy winner continues her first headlining United States tour, the 30-year-old artist has a theme when she takes to the stage each and every night.

"Everything is about self-love and confidence, being strong in any situation," Karol G exclusively shared with E! News. "I want fans to see that I am a real, normal person like them. I go through big and strong situations in my life too but it all depends on you and your attitude in life."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

As soon as the lights shine on Karol G, she finds herself at "my happiest place ever." And when she sees new and old fans screaming from the audience, the artist can't help but feel a strong connection.

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

"It is the only moment that I have to connect with all of my people in a more intimate form," she explained. "It's incredible to see how they love you and support everything that I do and how they all connect with me, not just for the music but with me as a person. It warms your heart in an amazing way."

In the first few weeks alone, Karol G has fallen in love with men and women rocking her signature blue hairstyle. And before audience members stress about what to wear while attending her shows, Karol G advises attendees to rock a look that shows who they are.

"I am a very mood person. I don't have a fashion statement that represents me," she said. "I just wear the way I feel and for the tour, I wanted my outfits to be a window of some of my personalities when I'm performing. Sometimes I like to be very sexy and sassy. Sometimes I am just a tomboy with oversized clothes, but I also have a rock 'n' roll side in me."

Anuel AA & Karol G's Cutest Couple Moments

While fans may come to hear Karol G's impressive voice or to see her iconic fashion looks, the performer hopes attendees take note of her band, which is made up of women.

Timothy Norris/Getty Images

"They give me a lot of inspiration every day with their huge talent," she gushed. "They are an amazing complement in the show and they share with me that enormous power and energy when I am onstage and I love to see how people get very surprised about them. I'm blown away by their talent and I just want the world to see how powerful it is when just girls run the situation."

As Karol G prepares for more shows in New York, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta and other cities, she promises to play the hits fans can't get enough of, including "DVD" and "Gato Malo."

And regardless of what is going on in their lives, Karol G hopes fans experience an unforgettable night where they can jump, cry and be happy together.

"I am always trying to empower everybody to just have the time of their lives, that they all go home feeling it was totally worth it to spend a night alongside me," she said. "And I really hope they all feel my love and gratitude from the bottom of my heart to feel free to do what they want." 

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