Why Natti Natasha Kept Her Relationship With Raphy Pina a Secret for So Long

By Allison Crist Nov 15, 2021 6:49 PMTags
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Getting real, real quick.

Natti Natasha's decision to take her romantic relationship with her manager Raphy Pina public was a difficult one. 

As the reggaetón icon and 2021 People's Choice Awards nominee revealed during E! News' Daily Pop on Monday, Nov. 15, she didn't want people to conflate her success with the fact that she was dating Raphy, who founded one of the most successful reggaetón record labels of all time. 

"You know, manager and artist—it's not seen that much out there," Natti said during the exclusive chat, explaining that she just wanted people to focus on her music. 

Plus, as a couple, Natti and Raphy liked being able to "always work things out in private." 

However, the pair did eventually go public with their relationship in 2021. They are now engaged, and Natti welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Vida Isabelle Pina Gutiérrez, with Raphy on May 22.

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Wedding planning seems to be coming along nicely, as Natti wants "something very simple" and "very private." 

Whether or not that'll actually be the case is yet to be determined!

"I bet Mona [Scott-Young] is going to get us into the situation where she makes it a whole event," Natti joked of the Love & Hip Hop creator. "And she's like, 'But it's not my idea, it was all your idea!' I'm here like 'What?'"

Mona's latest reality TV creation, Everybody Loves Natti, is all about the singer.

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"If you know Mona, you know she has this sweet way of just getting you and being like 'Hey, you're so good. We're going to work this the right way,'" Natti explained. "And bam! November 19, my whole life is out there."

While nervous, Natti is excited for the series to show how it's possible to balance a career and a family.

As she recalled on Daily Pop, when she first announced her pregnancy, her comment section was filled with remarks along the lines of, "Oh, she's going to disappear. She can't be this reggaetón pop artist and still be sexy and pregnant and have a family."

"I'm like, yes, I can," Natti continued. "And that's the whole process that everyone is going to see...It was a very different but amazing experience."

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Everybody Loves Natti is just one reason the singer's having a great year. With the release of popular tracks "Pam Pam Pam" and "Impossible Amor," Natti feels that "all of her hard work" is starting to pay off. 

"It feels refreshing and it feels like freedom," she added, explaining that she's also happy to see more women joining the reggaetón genre. "I get to see other girls and I feel like that's the only way that this movement is going to stay on top, you know? So I feel great that in the future, my daughter and other girls are not going to feel like it's impossible and I feel amazing that it's happening already."

Everybody Loves Natti premieres Nov. 19 exclusively on Prime Video.

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