The Bachelorette's Tayshia Adams Leaves Hospital After "Scary" Medical Emergency

After The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams was rushed to the ER, she spoke about her medical ailment on her Instagram Story.

By Corinne Heller Nov 13, 2021 9:29 PMTags
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Tayshia Adams is on the mend after a "scary" health incident—and is also well-hydrated!

On Thursday, Nov. 11, the 31-year-old Bachelorette star had posted on her Instagram Story footage of herself on a hospital bed, hooked up with an IV. While she did not reveal her ailment, fans speculated it might have something to do with her competing in the New York City Marathon with fiancé Zac Clark over the weekend. She later cited pain from walking.

On Saturday, Nov. 13, she gave an update, saying she was home and felt "somewhat decent" after being diagnosed with a kidney infection, which she added did not appear to be related to her recent activities.

Adams said in a series of Instagram Story videos that on Wednesday night, she was tossing and turning due to stomach pain, which she started to experience to a lesser degree a couple days prior. She said that by Thursday morning, "I couldn't even sit up straight because I was in so much pain. Like, I was like crouching over. It was level 9.5."

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"Then we rushed to the doctor because something in this was not right," she said. "Just to like, make sure everything was OK, he suggested that we go to the ER just to get a CAT scan and ultrasound and all that kind of stuff, so I ending up doing that. Thankfully we were able to rule out things like my appendix or kidney just looked like it was like a really bad kidney infection, which [is]also not really good."

Adams said they were thinking about hospitalizing her overnight because her pain kept returning, but she "thought it would be best to go back home, sleep in my own bed." She said she has medication and that her stomach "still feels kind of wonky" but is "getting better."

Instagram / Tayshia Adams

"This morning, thankfully, I'm on the up and up," she said. "What a week. But then a lesson I learned is honestly, I need to start drinking more water. I do not drink water, like, at all, and it's really bad, especially after a marathon."

She continued, "If I can try to help encourage people to start drinking water, to never feel the pain that I was in, holy mackerel, I'm telling you right now, it was next level. I've never felt anything like that was kind of scary for a minute but hopefully today, I'm going to like, get outside and start trying to do things normally."

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