Find Out Which Musical Olivia Rodrigo & Company Will Perform on Season 3 of HSMTMTS

On Friday, Nov. 12, Disney+ announced that season three of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will arrive in 2022. Plus, discover the musical the East High students will perform next.

By Alyssa Ray Nov 12, 2021 6:07 PMTags
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We're soarin', flyin' over to Disney+ to renew our subscription.

On Friday, Nov. 12—a.k.a. Disney+ Day— the streamer not only revealed that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will return in 2022, but the House of Mouse also gave us some other super-cool news: Season three of HSMTMTS will tackle Disney's Frozen.

"We already have chills," the streamer's Twitter account wrote. "#HSMTMTS season 3 is coming in 2022."

In addition, Disney+ uploaded key art from the show to social media that said, "Love is an open door."

Can we just, say something crazy? We don't know if we want to see an Olivia Rodrigo rendition of "Let It Go" or Joshua Bassett's character as Hans more.

The decision to do Frozen comes after the East High drama club tackled Beauty and the Beast in season two. However, this time, the season follows the "characters to sleep-away camp for a summer of campfires, romances, and curfew-free nights."

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Creator Tim Federle teased to E! News back in July, the season-three musical was always going to be a showstopper. "Season three could take on a lot of different forms," he teased at the time. "For me, it always starts with, like, what's the musical that's going to be the most surprising and most exciting, and then looking at this cast of 11 characters and [asking] what can we put them through that feels episodic and not like a movie."


As for Ricky (Bassett) and Nini (Rodrigo)? Federle made it clear that their future is still very much up in the air: "I think there are certain characters that are so clearly endgame to certain audience members, and so clearly not endgame to other audience members."

Well, after Bassett and Rodrigo's rumored breakup, which seemingly inspired the latter's hit album Sour, we'll be surprised if Ricky and Nini end up together in the end. Not everyone can be Kristoff and Anna, right?

While we wait for more updates about season three of HSMTMTS, stream the first two seasons on Disney+.

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