You Need to See Jennifer Aniston's Reaction to Paul Rudd's "Sexiest Man Alive" Title

After Paul Rudd was named People's 2021 Sexiest Man Alive, Jennifer Aniston shared a throwback of the duo from their 1998 movie The Object of My Affection: "You don't age."

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Watch: Ryan Reynolds Teases Paul Rudd Over Sexiest Man Alive Title

Paul Rudd has a friend in Jennifer Aniston

The 52-year-old actress celebrated the actor, also 52, being named People's 2021 Sexiest Man Alive in an Instagram Stories post on Thursday, Nov. 11. 

"This makes me happy," Aniston wrote alongside a video of Rudd at the magazine's photo shoot. "We've ALWAYS known this, but Paul Rudd is officially @people's Sexiest Man Alive. Alive!"

She also shared a throwback of the duo from their 1998 movie The Object of My Affection. "You don't age, which is weird," Aniston continued. "But we still love you."

This wasn't the only film the A-listers starred in together. Aniston and Rudd also acted in the 2012 comedy Wanderlust. And as fans will recall, he appeared in the final two seasons of her show Friends and played Mike Hannigan, who was the husband of Lisa Kudrow's character Phoebe Buffay.

Aniston also isn't the only star to give Rudd a shout-out. After the honor was announced, Josh Gad tweeted, "If I had to lose out to someone, I'm happy it's Paul." And while Ryan Reynolds noted on Today he's "very excited" about the news, he also teased "this opportunity will be wasted on [Rudd], like so many before him."

Paul Rudd's Best Roles

"He's going to play it shy. He's going to play it bashful, humble," the Deadpool star, who held the title in 2010, said. "If I know what I knew now, I wouldn't do that. You got to seize this opportunity." 

Reynolds, who's been married to Blake Lively since 2012, then joked, "If I got it now, I'm not saying I would leave my family, but they would need to go on without me. I would roam the world clutching my dog-eared People magazine, going from town to town, sowing my wild oats like some sort of nude, magical gardener. It would be amazing."


While Rudd told People he expects to get "so much grief" from his friends over the accolade, he also noted he's going to fully embrace the honor.

"I mean I'm going to lean into it hard," he said. "I'm going to own this. I'm not going to try to be like 'Oh, I'm so modest.' I'm getting business cards made."

And's he's keeping his fingers crossed that it will bring about some changes. "I'm hoping now that I'll finally be invited to some of those sexy dinners with Clooney and Pitt and B Jordan," the Ant-Man star told the publication. "And I figure I'll be on a lot more yachts. I'm excited to expand my yachting life. And I'll probably try to get better at brooding in really soft light. I like to ponder. I think this is going to help me become more inward and mysterious. And I'm looking forward to that."

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