Aubrey Plaza Spills the Tea on Her Co-Stars Kristen Stewart, Molly Shannon & Michael Caine

We hope you have your crumpets ready! Aubrey Plaza sat with Stephen Colbert on his talk show and dishes about co-stars including Kristen Stewart, Molly Shannon and Michael Caine.

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This was one tea pot that was a bit hot to handle.

This teapot that was a bit hot to handle.

On Nov. 10, Aubrey Plaza made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and sat down for another installment of "Tea at the Plaza."

The favorite late-show guest sipped her beverage and dived right into some good stories about her famous co-stars like Kristen Stewart, Molly Shannon and Michael Caine

The Child's Play actress dressed in a witch costume to promote her new book, The Legend of the Christmas Witch, chatted it up with Stephen Colbert as he poured her a drink and got right into the steamy details.

 Of Kristen Stewart, Aubrey said "she smells like cinnamon and gasoline."

Playfully joking about newly engaged Kristen's request to have Guy Fieri officiate her nuptials, she added, "And I heard that she secretly wants me to officiate her wedding, but she is too afraid to ask." 


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Aubrey then calls Molly "one of the most legendary living con artists alive today," adding that the Saturday Night Live actress, "conned her way into Hollywood and she knows what I am talking about because I just read her autobiography and it is juicy, and it good and it is coming out in April…..I'm telling you it's so F--- good. I laughed. I cried. It's brilliant."

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When speaking about legendary actor Michael in her latest film Best Sellers, Aubrey said about the Oscar winner, "He loves telling stories. He's like a child. He has been around forever. He has seen it all, but he still has this curiosity, and love for being on set. He knows everybody's name. He's so respectful and sweet."

Stephen went on to point out that Michael said that this will be his last movie and teased her, "Did you break Michael Caine?!"             

She joked, "Look, I don't know. I blacked out. Once you experience the best you got to wrap it up."

Colbert says with a huge laugh at the end of the segment, "Well all of that was scandalous!" Check out the clip for yourself above. 

"Well all of that was scandalous!" Stephen said at the conclusion of the segment. Check out the clip for yourself above. 

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