Behati Prinsloo Shares Rare Insight Into Her Family Life With Adam Levine

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Calirosa Tequila co-founder Behati Prinsloo described what home life is really like with her children and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine.

By Mike Vulpo, Alli Rosenbloom Nov 11, 2021 7:02 PMTags
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It's never too early to raise a toast to great family and success.

As one of the world's most famous supermodels, Behati Prinsloo is used to being photographed and followed around the world. But as the 33-year-old continues raising her two children, Dusty Rose, 5, and Gio Grace, 3, with husband Adam Levine, a more balanced life has proved to be the best life.

"I've been on a plane every other day and now I can just kind of sit back and watch my kids grow up," Behati exclusively shared with E! News. "I think as a mom, you kind of want to keep that balance of knowing who you are as an individual away from being a mom and away from your kids. And then also you want to be a great mom and be an example to them working, someone passionate about their work or all of the projects that are going on."

In between dropping her kids off for school and enjoying snuggle time under the covers, Behati has been hard at work creating Calirosa Tequila with Adam. It's a passion project that has brought them even closer together. 

"We are both huge tequila drinkers," Behati shared. "That's literally the only hard liquor that I really drink and same with him. And we always had this fantasy of us having our own tequila and this brand, and that we have all creative control and that we could do anything we want."

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For those curious, tequila time in the Prinsloo-Levine house usually comes right after the kids' bedtime.

CaliRosa Tequila

"We turn down the lights," she shared. "Usually, its like Friends or if it's a Sunday night, we're definitely watching Succession or Larry David...We have a bar that's set in our TV room and it's very moody and there's a fireplace."

Behati added, "And then I make a mess on the bar because I cut open every fruit that I have to make my concoction. If I do have watermelon, that's a really easy one. I literally just blend the watermelon and use the juice over the ice with a shot of tequila. It's so good. But yes, then we sit down, we cheers and we say thank goodness the kids are asleep."

It's a rare look inside a Hollywood couple who have been married for more than seven years. After exchanging vows in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, back in July 2014, the two have been each other's biggest cheerleaders as they expanded their family and explored the alcohol business.

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With the holidays right around the corner, it's safe to say this couple has a lot to be thankful for.

"My parents are also coming in from Africa. They haven't been here for two years!" Namibia native Behati shared. "That's going to be really fun to have Christmas with them. We're a big family and we're loud and crazy and everyone is a lot of fun. And I think for Christmas and Thanksgiving, all of these holidays are so fun to be all together. And I think just after the craziness of the last two years, coming together as friends and family is always fun for us."

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