Prince George Ate a Live Ant Like a "Little Hero," Recalls Adventurer Bear Grylls

If you ever find yourself in survival mode, we may just know of one royal member that you can call: Prince George. Below, adventurer Bear Grylls recalls the moment the brave 8-year-old ate an ant.

By Kisha Forde Nov 10, 2021 1:08 PMTags
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Prince George can officially be described as a lionhearted little one.
British adventurer and TV star Bear Grylls recalled the moment the oldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton popped a live ant right in his mouth back in August 2019.
The courageous moment happened during the King's Cup Regatta (the inaugural sailing event hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), when the then 6-year-old's grandmother, Carole Middleton, invited the Man vs. Wild star over to meet the prince, who is a huge fan. And although Bear went on to explain that he didn't "really mean" to encourage George to eat an ant that day, the opportunity present itself and well—he went for it.

"So, we were chatting, and he was down here, and just as we were chatting, a stream of ants went across his feet," Bear recalled during the Nov. 9 episode of Good Morning Britain. "And him and me looked at them—he looked at me with those amazed wide eyes—and I said, 'Come on, we've got to eat one.' And he said, 'Oh really?' and we ate."

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As Bear pointed out, their impromptu lunch for two was an honor for him personally.

"It was a privilege to give the future King his first ant," he continued. "And his eyes lit up as they do with anyone when they're out in the wild and they face a few fears and they overcome them, so good for him. What a little hero."

Bear also ended up winning the Regatta that day—and highlighted out the prince's fearlessness during his awards ceremony speech.

"Prince George," Bear said, "Your first ant you ate today...And that is a great moment. Well done, you."

A hero, indeed.

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