RHOBH Star Dorit Kemsley Recalls Begging "For My Life" in First Interview Since Robbery

Dorit Kemsley is sharing more details after her family's home was robbed last month, with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recalling that she "begged" for the lives of herself and her kids.

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Dorit Kemsley is sharing harrowing details from her recent home robbery.

In an Extra interview published on Tuesday, Nov. 9, the 45-year-old star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills discussed the ordeal that took place last month at her mansion in Encino, Calif. She and children Jagger, 7, and Phoenix, 5, were home at the time, while Paul "PK" Kemsley, who shares the kids with wife Dorit, was out.

Dorit explained that she was "completely taken off guard" by the intruders, adding they were "surprised" to see the star in her home. According to Dorit, she was pushed to the ground, with one robber asking her who else was in the residence. 

"There was someone else who said, 'Just kill her, just kill her already, just kill her,' and all I could think of, 'I have to save those babies,'" Dorit shared. "I begged them, I begged for my life, and begged for their life." 

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Dorit recalled encouraging the robbers to "take it all" but implored them not to hurt her for the sake of the children. "I stayed very calm because I knew they were very panicked, and if I didn't, the situation could have gone a lot worse," she continued. "I fought for mine and my kids' lives, and I got lucky."

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The reality TV personality, who said that her children never woke up or found out about the incident, explained that she has had "panic attacks" since the invasion and continues to worry about how to keep her family safe. 

On Saturday, Oct. 30, Dorit posted to Instagram that the "terrifying ordeal" she endured is "one that no parent or person should ever have to experience."

At the time of the incident, an LAPD spokesperson told E! News the robbery took place on Wednesday, Oct. 27 and reported that three male suspects took items from the home.

A law enforcement source told NBC News that authorities received a call about the burglary, and after they arrived, police officers were informed that "two or three men" had taken jewelry and other valuables.

According to a source, the suspects went upstairs after entering the mansion, where they found the victim in bed and ordered them out while purporting to be armed. At this time, it's unknown whether weapons had been seen.

The source also told NBC News that one or more of the men threatened to kill the victim and demanded that she lead them to valuables. The men reportedly made off with roughly $1 million worth of property. E! News has yet to verify the report.

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