You Missed These Secret Ed Sheeran Moments During His Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Fallon hilariously fooled the audience with a secret bit they did during the singer’s appearance on the Tonight Show. Watch it here!

By Tionah Lee Nov 09, 2021 8:06 PMTags
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Jimmy Fallon and Ed Sheeran played a secret game—and it was perfect.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, the official Tonight Show TikTok released a special video with a hilarious reveal. Prior to the "Thinking Out Loud" singer's sit-down with host Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Nov. 8, he had joined the host backstage to come up with secret dares to slip into their interview that the audience wouldn't notice. Whoever successfully tossed a marker into a cup got to pick a dare that the other person had to do on camera.

For the first attempt, Jimmy said Ed would have to refer to himself in third person by his Instagram handle, "Teddy's Photos," for the duration of their chat.

Ed then suggested that Jimmy announce live on air that he was moving to a rival network to host a daytime talk show. Lucky for each of them, the markers didn't land—at least in that round.

In the second half of the video, things got interesting as both men landed on a dare. Jimmy dared the "Perfect" singer to "shiver" at one point of the interview, in honor of the successful single of the same name off his new album Equal. Ed dared Jimmy to say (not sing) "Baby Shark."

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 The second part of the TikTok gave fans a look at the moments, which they for sure missed.

During the portion of their chat in which Jimmy congratulates the singer on his latest album, Ed grabs his shoulders and starts to shiver. "You cold?" Jimmy asks, as if he weren't in on the joke. In between laughs, Ed admits "I just feel the buzz."

The British singer got his revenge when Jimmy brought up Ed's baby girl, Lyra. "Obviously you play music for her. Do you play the classics? Do you do the ‘baby shark do do do." Jimmy asked. In on the joke, Ed answered the question, before praising the host for slipping in the bit. "We haven't quite got to baby shark yet—very good by the way," he added.


When he asked if the host would sing it, Jimmy kept his promise and noted that his "voice hurts" to get out of breaking the rules.

Check out the hilarious video above and always be alert for more secret moments from the last night host.

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