This Dave Grohl Dopplegänger Would Fool Even the Foo Fighters

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 09, 2021 7:38 PMTags
Watch: Foo Fighters Cover Band Rocks Out "Best of You"

It's clear these Clash of the Cover Bands contestants are doing their "Best"! 

In an exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow's Nov. 10 episode of E!'s Clash of the Cover Bands, Foo Fighters tribute band Fooz Fighters gave a heart-pounding performance of "Best Of You"—and the judges go wild.  

Dave Grohl look-alike Nicky Rich has previously been nominated for "Tribute Artist of the Year" at the 2020 Musivv Digital Music Awards, and the group made history as the only tribute band selected to perform at the Kaaboo Festival and they even met idol Dave Grohl during the Ultimate Jam Night. Plus, Fooz Fighters collaborated for a special performance at the Foo Fighters' annual charity event in Los Angeles for the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

So, it's no wonder that Clash judges Adam Lambert, Ester Dean and Meghan Trainor gushed over Nicky's commanding presence onstage.

From his hair flips to a pro rocker stance, Nicky fully embodied Dave Grohl. 

Clash of the Cover Bands Score Card

Adam couldn't help but sing a long! "He's like a real rock star," the Queen frontman raved mid-performance to Ester. 

As the Fooz Fighters finished their hit track, all three judges gave them a standing ovation. 

E!/Evans Vestal Ward/Casey Durkin

"I love the cover band thing but I would come and see you guys play anywhere," Ester praised them. "It felt good, just see you guys rocking out to somebody you love. You guys just rocked it like rock stars would." 

See the stunning performance (and Grohl's jaw-dropping Dopplegänger) for yourself above!