Adrien Brody Teases His Future on Succession

Adrien Brody's Succession appearance was full of tense moments. Fans are already obsessed over his billionaire investor character. Will he be around more Roy family gatherings?

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They got a lot more than fresh air on that hike, that's for sure. 

On Sunday, Nov. 7, Succession's explosive season three episode introduced its newest character, Josh Aaronson, a beanie–wearing, billionaire played by Adrien Brody.

Fans are already asking if the Oscar winner's scene—stealing appearance on the HBO drama is just the start of great things to come for the character. In an interview in Variety, Adrian said about a possible return on the show, "I would love that. I don't have an answer for you, but I sure would love that. I'm a big fan of the show, so that would be cool." 

Adrien plays a wealthy investor who holds powerful chips in the future of embattled Waystar Royco. When Logan (Brian Cox) and Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) fly out to pay Josh a visit on his private island, he takes them on an outdoor hike on the sand that turns out not to be so beachy-keen.  

Expressing his distaste in the Roy family's civil war, which is jeopardizing his investment, he asks the warring father and son, "Where does it end? This friction?..."I thought my family was f--ked up," he says, "this is next level." 

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Tensions are high among the three men as the meeting comes to an end and Aaronson leads them back to his house via a circuitous path—possibly on purpose—and the elder Roy falls ill.

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So was that a power play? In the Variety article, the actor says, "I don't think the extent of a medical incident was an intentional thing, but I do think creating challenges and exhausting them physically is a tactical move...As for Logan's condition, he's looking to see how Kendall reacts to that and whether he's caring for his father or not. He knows where things are headed and wants to know if there's unity there or not."

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It's hard to believe there are people out there better at human chess than the Roys, but Logan may have finally met his match in Josh. We can't wait to see if shows up at any more family gatherings.

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