The Station 19-Grey's Anatomy Crossover Teaser Hints at an Untimely Death

The teaser for the Nov. 11 crossover episode for Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy teases death for someone. Check out the new trailer here.

By Jillian Fabiano Nov 09, 2021 1:47 AMTags

Although we're excited for the crossover, we may not like the outcome of it. 

In the Station 19-Grey's Anatomy crossover, airing Thursday, Nov. 11, an explosion rocks Seattle and from the looks of the trailer, someone doesn't make it out alive. From scenes of burning homes, to firefighters rushing down stairs trying to help people evacuate, the Station 19 episode, "Things We Lost in the Fire," starring Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George and Boris Kodjoe, looks like a tearjerker. The preview shows firefighters as they react to the explosion and rush to clear homes, unaware that it will changes their lives forever.

Meanwhile, in the Grey's Anatomy portion of the crossover, "Bottle Up and Explode!," the Grey Sloan doctors rush to help with the incoming trauma, and Owen (Kevin McKidd) experiences PTSD after he hears the explosion. 

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As shown in the trailer, the hospital needs all the help they can get as the staff questions whether they are experiencing an earthquake or a bombing. While Bailey (Chandra Wilson) can't reach her firefighter husband, Ben (George), Travis (Hayden) announces that there was a second explosion. But at the end of the trailer, Bailey has a realization as she rushes to an incoming ambulance. "No siren, no rush." she says. "There's a dead person in there." 

Who will survive the Seattle explosion? Find out on when the Station 19-Grey's Anatomy crossover airs on Thursday Nov. 11 on ABC. 

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