Why Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Aren't in a Rush to Get Married After Postponing Wedding Ceremony

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams postponed their wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic. So when do they plan to walk down the aisle? Read the actress' exclusive chat with E! News.

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Like many couples, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams had to postpone their wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"As soon as we went into lockdown I was like, 'We're not getting married this year,'" the actress exclusively told E! News while celebrating her brand Sourse and the launch of its Beauty Bites and Mood Bites at Norah restaurant in West Hollywood on Nov. 5. "And Wells, the eternal optimist, was like, 'What are you talking about? This is only a couple weeks.' And I was like, 'Nah brah. We're not getting married this year, it's not happening.' He thought I was being negative. I was like, 'No, no, no. I'm just being realistic.' 

Initially, they decided to reassess their time line on June 1, 2020. But as time and the pandemic went on, Hyland told Adams, "I told ya so!" So, she said they rescheduled for this year. However, the Modern Family alum and the Bachelor in Paradise bartender had to push back their wedding date again.

"So next year? I don't know. I have absolutely no idea anymore," Hyland noted when asked about their current plans. "I would like next year. I know I said last year if we're not getting married next year it's never going to happen, but now I'm saying that about next year."

Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams: Romance Rewind

While they're looking forward to tying the knot, the bride and groom are in no rush. "We've got time," she said. "It's difficult because you want to make sure that everybody is safe and everything, so I'm really happy that there are vaccines out right now and FDA-approved vaccines... So, hopefully next year we'll be able to have a fully vaccinated wedding."

Has Alexandra

And if they have to postpone their wedding again, there's always plan B. "If not, then we're just going to elope," she continued with a laugh. "I don't even think he knows that. I'm just going to say that. We're just going to fly to Greece! Have a little vacation, get married."

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Hyland and Adams got engaged in 2019, almost two years after they first sparked romance rumors. On Aug. 8, 2020, the pair celebrated what would have been their wedding date with a trip to a winery. 

"It was my first time out of the house, out of quarantine," Hyland recalled on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that October. "We went to a winery and we went with all of our friends—all of us got tested—our family, our best man, maid of honor. I brought a white dress and, like, a veil I got on Etsy. And my bridesmaids, they got, like, a real wedding bouquet for me and surprised me and we took fake wedding pictures for fun."

Still, they know their special day will come. As Hyland wrote in a July Instagram post, "2 years engaged, almost 1 year of 'would have been married', but forever in love with you @wellsadams."

Courtesy of Sourse

And when they finally walk down the aisle, Sarah is going to be glowing, courtesy of her collaboration with the brand Sourse. The actress and Sourse partnered on Beauty and Mood Bites, which Sarah described as "delicious chocolate" vitamins. She added, "It makes me feel better about myself and they have a low amount of sugar as well, which is amazing."

- Reporting by Alli Rosenbloom

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