How Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe Really Feel About Those Mother-Daughter Comparisons

In the realm of mother-daughter look-alike duos, Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe have long been standouts. The Morning Show star recently discussed how the two feel about all the talk.

By Kisha Forde Nov 08, 2021 3:59 PMTags
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No big or little lies here: Reese Witherspoon is absolutely flattered when she's mistaken for her daughter, Ava Phillippe.

If you've seen the 22-year-old daughter of the Legally Blonde alum and ex Ryan Phillippe, then you'd know it's no secret that she looks exactly like her mom. And as The Morning Show star, who graced the cover of InStyle's December Issue, told Gayle King, she welcomes that particular case of mistaken identity.

"Well, I love being mistaken for her because it makes me feel so young," Reese admitted. "I'm so proud of her." And as for how Ava feels about it? "She really rolls with it," the actress added. "I'm sure it's not easy looking exactly like your mother."

As Gayle jokingly pointed out, since Ava looks like—well, Reese—it could prove to be very easy, which led the actress to reveal that the two are actually in close contact with another star who could relate to the whole thing quite easily.

Photographic Evidence Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe Are Actually Twins

"We talk to Zoë Kravitz a lot," Reese said. "Because she and her mother [Lisa Bonet] look exactly alike, so whenever Ava is frustrated, I go, ‘Call Zoë, text Zoë, she knows what to talk about.' I mean, that's another mother-daughter combo that's like identical twins."

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for ELLE

Striking looks aside, since Ava's mom has made a footprint as both an award-winning actress and business mogul (Reese sold her company, Hello Sunshine, for almost $1 billion earlier this year), it's natural that Reese would have the best advice for her children on navigating fame.

"It's an odd situation because I didn't grow up famous," Reese shared. "So, she's living an experience that I did not have, and so are my sons." Reese is also mom to 18-year-old Deacon (whose dad is her ex, Ryan) and 9-year-old Tennessee with husband Jim Toth. "We are lucky enough to have friends who grew up in Hollywood," she said. "And can help give them advice on how to navigate."

But before we get ahead of ourselves, the Big Little Lies star makes it clear that her mini-me is finding her own footing. As Reese explained, "Ava is so down-to-earth."

"She wants to do great things in the world," the actress continued. "She's studying and learning and trying to find herself. It's a big thing in life to try different things and figure out what is really your path."

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