Kate Gosselin Feels Like She Failed, but It's All Jon's Fault

The TLC mom tells People all about how Jon ruined the marriage while she tried to save it

By Jennifer Cady Jun 24, 2009 3:00 PMTags
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If you were hoping all this Jon & Kate stuff would stop now that we've seen them to their inevitable demise, you were wrong. It's time to talk about why they're divorcing.

Kate tells her side of the story in this week's People, and basically it all boils down to Jon being the one who changed too much. The only thing Kate did wrong was thinking marriages could last.

"I was operating under the belief that marriage is forever," she tells the mag. "So I exhausted myself trying to do everything and make everything be okay, when maybe it just couldn't."

So while she was busy trying too hard, Jon was changing.

"It was event after event after event where I came to realize: This is not the same person I married," Kate says of Jon's behavior. "I remember just looking at him and thinking, 'I wouldn't choose to marry that exact person right now...so why am I here?' "

Eventually, Jon told her to get a lawyer because he had a lawyer and divorce time was on. Kate says she "curled up in a ball and sobbed," then she and Jon told the kids about the separation, and then she called up People to tell them all about it.

Totally normal way to deal with divorce.

But the mag does offer her an outlet to deal with all her feelings, so that's good. Her big first feeling being relief, "I've been living in a pressure cooker for a long time. On a good day I feel relief. On a bad day I feel failure."

She says she doesn't feel hate, though, "I don't hate Jon. He's lost, he's confused. I don't look at him 100 percent of the time with horrible anger and animosity."

And then there's her annoyance with all these celebrity magazines, which somehow doesn't stop her from talking to a celebrity magazine.

"I walk into the grocery store, and my kids see the magazines, and they're like, 'Oh look! There's Daddy! And there's Daddy! And there's Mommy! I do my motherly duty and turn them all around in the rack and I don't say anything except, 'Okay, it's all better now.' I don't have any words for it except, 'Get enough already and move on.' "

Does that mean she'll be turning around this People cover? Probably not...it requires some admiring. Well done, no doubt the kids love it!