Inside Tayshia Adams' Journey to the New York City Marathon With Zac Clark

In an exclusive interview with E! News, The Bachelorette’s Tayshia Adams looked back on how she trained to run 26.2 miles for a good cause.

By Mike Vulpo, Alli Rosenbloom Nov 05, 2021 10:53 PMTags
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There's no amount of rose ceremonies that could prepare Tayshia Adams for her next journey.

While many fans know the reality star from her time on The Bachelorette, Tayshia has her eyes set on a new goal this weekend in the Big Apple. After months of training, the Click Bait podcast co-host is ready to complete the New York City Marathon with her fiancé, Zac Clark.

"I don't think it's hit me exactly what I'm about to do yet," Tayshia, 31, exclusively shared with E! News. "This is not Zac's first rodeo, so I think he's kind of a lifer when it comes to marathons at this point. I kind of just jumped on the marathon bandwagon and he's been really supportive."

While Zac is raising funds for the Release Recovery Foundation, a non-profit helping people reclaim their lives from addiction, Tayshia is running with World Vision, a global Christian humanitarian organization. Together, they've kept each other motivated and inspired to do their absolute best.

Sweatin' With the Stars

"There are definitely times where I'm not in the mood to go running or same with him. But when we have the accountability partner, it's definitely made the runs more bearable and way more fun," Tayshia explained. "I will say it's nice to train with someone to kind of pace yourself and try to push yourself as well."


As a co-host of The Bachelorette, Tayshia found herself far away from the streets and parks of New York City to train. Instead, she had to pivot to hotel-gym treadmills, which became her "stomping ground."

While she admits training hasn't been "ideal," she hopes her story can be inspirational to anyone who seeks to achieve their goals while balancing work and a personal life.

When race day arrives on Sunday, Nov. 7, Tayshia plans to wake up around 4:30 a.m. to "pray, meditate and journal." Her marathon outfit will include her signature Hoka shoes and a necklace for her grandpa that "keeps me grounded."

As for her running playlist, expect lots of hip-hop artists including Eminem, Cardi B and Rihanna. "Zac likes to listen to classical music and Pearl Jam," Tayshia joked. "And I'm trying to look for like, I always say hood s--t."

And instead of focusing on a specific finish time, Tayshia is excited to accomplish new fitness goals with her closest friends by her side. 

"It's just been a really fun bonding experience and something that we can actually have in common that's healthy," she shared. "The work has been done and it's time to have a good time and party and finish that race."

Lacing Up

Before putting on her Hoka running shoes for the 2021 New York City Marathon, Tayshia Adams gave E! News an exclusive look into how she prepares. 

Breakfast of Champions

"For breakfast, we're looking to have a full hearty breakfast here," Tayshia teased. "We need some eggs. We need like an overnight chia, oat concoction."

Running for a Cause

"I'm a part of Team World Vision for the New York City Marathon," Tayshia shared. "It's their 50th marathon, which is just incredible. They are just an amazing organization that I stand behind and I fully believed their vision and I wanted to be a part of it. This is the next step for me." 

Marathon Fashion

"I have my World Vision t-shirt that's gray, orange and blue. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to wear leggings or shorts," Tayshia said when thinking of her race day outfit. "I'll probably wear leggings and I'm going to be wearing my Hoka shoes. I'm a die-hard Hoka fan. I've ran in their shoes forever so I have to have those on. I got a little SPIbelt too. That's what you hold all your stuff."

Just Keep Runnin...

"I have been running in New York in Central Park and all around the city including Westside Highway for the last like month and a half," Tayshia revealed. 

Game On

"My best friend is coming out to watch me and support me, which is fun," Tayshia shared about her marathon plans. "I'm sure Zac and I will find something fun to do [after]. I'm going to be probably chowing down on some pasta and that's it!" 

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