Watch RHOSLC's Mary Cosby Slam "Little Girl" Whitney Rose: "Grow the Heck Up"

Who really needs to grow up on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? Well, let's just say Whitney Rose and Mary Cosby don't see eye-to-eye. Watch their explosive confrontation.

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 05, 2021 8:08 PMTags

Kicking it back to the sandbox. 

An exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, airing Nov. 7, shows the ladies over lunch debating who is more childish: Mary Cosby or Whitney Rose

As the youngest of the group, Whitney tries to smooth things over between rival queen bees Mary and Jen Shah

"Jen actually offered you a beautiful moment..." Whitney starts, before Mary interrupts her. 

"I don't need you to help me see that. I don't have a problem with seeing that," Mary snaps, before asking Jen directly if she was angry with her. 

Whitney interjects, "You're talking to me like I'm a child," but Mary clarifies that she's just trying to reach an "understanding." 

"Whether you take it as a child, that's your business," Mary counters.

But, Whitney doesn't take that lightly. "I am not a child. I am a very smart woman," she states. "First of all, I am not a f––king child and I have an opinion at this table, let me make that clear."  

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 Cast

Mary compares speaking to Whitney to how she talks to her college-aged son, saying, "I don't do disputes," while asking "Lord Jesus" for help. 

"You're too insecure," Mary jabs to Whitney. "Grow the heck up."

And, Whitney takes the most offense at Mary calling her "little girl."

Mary fires back: "You are a little girl. That should be a compliment," she says. "You don't yell at me. You can go, little girl."


Watch the explosive fight above! 

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