John Travolta and Tommy Lee Exchanging a Cookie Recipe Is Internet Gold

After this TikTok video, all we have to say is: Can someone start a baking show with John Travolta and Tommy Lee? The two stars apparently share recipes—and it truly will make your day.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 04, 2021 5:43 PMTags
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Tommy Lee's peanut butter chocolate-chip cookie recipe was the one John Travolta wanted. 

No, seriously, these two superstars apparently share baking recipes. In a TikTok video the Mötley Crüe star shared on Wednesday, Nov. 3, the two texted back and forth about the recipe and also shared video messages with each other marveling at the unexpected way they were spending their night.

The video included text receipts, which read, "Tommy can you send me that peanut butter Chico chip cookie recipe that you have." Tommy responded, "Hahahah ok! Gimme a sec to find," topped with a winky face emoji. 

Paired with a photo of his desserts in the oven, John joked, "You didn't know I was Johnny Crocker." The precious exchange did not end there. In a video, the Saturday Night Fever star captured himself enjoying the results of his baking, washed down with a glass of lemonade. 

"Who would have thought that two superstars would spend their Wednesday nights making brownies and cookies with fresh lemonade," the Grease alum quipped. "Tommy Lee and JT—can't beat 'em."

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"Oh my God, buddy. My wife and I were just saying the exact same thing," Tommy said in a video response. "I'm like, 'Who's sitting around on a Wednesday night? I go, 'Could you imagine if people knew Tommy and John are baking.' What happened?"


Well, the people know...and they can't get enough. From the size of the text on Tommy's phone to John drinking lemonade with his brownie, the Internet expectedly had no shortage of commentary.

"Washing down a brownie with lemonade is CRIMINAL," one fan commented.

Another quipped, "I like how the font is all big lmao."

Meanwhile, one viewer got to the real heart of the matter: "Drop the recipe though."

We'll be waiting, Tommy.  

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