Watch a Project Runway Contestant Redefine the Burqa in a Very Surprising Way

Project Runway competitor Sabrina Spanta wowed mentor Christian Siriano with a modern twist on a traditional burqa, including a stunning floral representation of female genitals. Watch now.

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 04, 2021 2:00 PMTags
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Re-defining a "form of suppression" through fashion. 

Project Runway designer Sabrina Spanta showed off her "fresh take" on a traditional burqa with a very untraditional floral bodysuit, complete with skin-tight floral patterns placed specifically over the female genitals. In an exclusive clip from tonight's episode, airing Thursday, Nov. 4, mentor Christian Siriano gushed over Sabrina's unique design. 

"I love it! That idea of a modern burqa I think is really interesting and can be very special, very powerful," Christian applauded. 

To Sabrina, the ensemble was a natural next step in the competition. "I'm tired of being safe," she admitted. "I want to kind of push myself with this one."

During a confessional, Sabrina explained the history of the burqa. "A burqa is a head-covering that women wear in Afghanistan. It usually comes in the color blue," she started. "Metaphorically for me, the burqa has been a form of suppression to me, that the women are suppressed underneath the burqa can really bloom and change the world."  

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Originally from Afghanistan, Sabrina and her family fled the Afghan war to a refugee camp in Pakistan. She was later adopted by her great aunt in the U.S. 

Sabrina continued, "I wanted the print specifically placed on the female parts. It's very female-esque. You could say it's bold in the female area. I wanted to accentuate and put the flowers on to specifically be placed on the bust and the cookie part to emphasis the beauty of the female...you can't say vagina, can you?" 

Yet, Christian advised Sabrina to perhaps hone in on her messaging in a different way.

"You do have to figure how to make this a little more tasteful and elegant too," he cited. "How is it going to celebrate women? You've got to have the balance."


Christian's parting words? "It's cool though. It's going to be something." 

We couldn't agree more! Watch the exclusive sneak peek above. 

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