Penn Badgley's Birthday Cake Is Basically a Shrine to His You Character

Domino Kirke-Badgley celebrated husband Penn Badgley's birthday with two fruity treats that paid homage to his creepy You character: "I love eating my husbands face," she wrote.

By Lindsay Weinberg Nov 02, 2021 11:27 PMTags
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Oh, hey, you. It's your birthday? Well, this calls for a cake befitting the name of Joe Goldberg. 

Penn Badgley celebrated his 35th birthday on Monday, Nov. 1, with a fresh tart of his own. And his special birthday cakes obviously had to honor his murderous character from You, after season three dropped two weeks ago.

The actor's wife, musician Domino Kirke-Badgley, took to her Instagram Story to reveal the multiple fruity birthday tarts she gave to Penn for his big day.

The custom confections by baker Stacy-Ann Douge were shaped like the number "35" and covered with berries, pomegranate seeds, flowers, figs, gold flakes, French macarons and other decadent goodies.

But the real showstoppers were the edible toppings: pictures of his You character in action, including images of Joe in a baseball cap and snooping out from behind a corner to spy on his next victim. 

Domino's desserts also recreated posters of the show, featuring co-star Victoria Pedretti, who plays baker Love on the Netflix series. Needless to say, it seems Penn's birthday treats came straight from the display cases of her beloved bakery, A Fresh Tart.

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"I love eating my husbands face," Domino wrote on Instagram, sharing video footage of the clever gift. She included the show's theme song while unveiling the two "35" tarts, which bore the message, "Happy Birthday Penn."


In return, Penn celebrated Domino the following day with an emotional Instagram post. On Nov. 2, he shared her latest musical work on social media, praising his longtime love for her "gorgeous vid" about her "experience with miscarriage." As Penn wrote, "I am blown away by what a vulnerable, timeless work of art she's made." 

Domino shared more details about her "Mercy" project earlier this week. "After the procedure, I reached for the woman's hand sitting next to me in the recovery room," she began in her explanation of the music video. "We both lost babies around the same time. She was surprised when she felt my touch, but she didn't let go. I told her we would be ok. We would try again when we felt ready, as though she and I were going to try and conceive." 


The artist, who gave birth to the couple's first child last year, went on to say, "This song was fueled by the hum of hormones still flooding my body, written while I was still bleeding. Written while I was still longing. I wrote this so I could attempt to push the evidence out of me. Evidence that couldn't leave fast enough." 

She added, "After many years of witnessing souls jump in and out of bodies, I wasn't as prepared as I thought for this soul to linger the way it did." 

Penn called it an "achingly beautiful work of art."

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