Shakira Reflects on That "Crazy" Run-In With Wild Boars

After creating an internet frenzy with her story about two wild boars stealing her purse at a Barcelona park, Shakira went into detail about the bizarre incident in a new interview.

By Gabrielle Chung Nov 02, 2021 7:47 PMTags
Watch: Shakira Attacked by Wild Boars While Visiting Park With Son

Even Shakira is still in disbelief over her eyebrow-raising run-in with wild boars.

The "Hips Don't Lie" singer created an online frenzy in September when she revealed that she had been "attacked" by two wild boars during a day out with her 8-year-old son Milan at a park in Barcelona. Shakira said at the time that the animals stole her purse, which contained her phone, and took it into the woods. Needless to say, the bizarre tale went viral.

In an interview with Glamour UK published on Nov. 1, Shakira went more into detail about the incident that will forever go down as one of the most epic celebrity stories ever.

"It's just crazy!" she said. "I was taking my son, Milan, for a walk in the park and I got him a little ice cream. We sat on one of those park benches and we were just minding our own business. And then two huge wild boars came from the back and ambushed [us] and took my purse!"

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Shakira continued, "And I was like, 'Oh, my God! Oh, my God!' and screaming, because they were taking it away, with my phone in it, my car keys, everything! Like they could understand me!"


As if that weren't already strange enough, Shakira said there were other people at the park, but they "were just watching and they weren't doing anything."

No one was hurt during the harrowing encounter, though Shakira and her son did walk away without a lunch. "Obviously my son's sandwich was inside the purse, so that's why they were so interested," she explained. "So they took the sandwich and walked away and left my purse."

Shakira added, "It was wild."

While Shakira may be in "She Wolf" mode when fending off boars, she's a whole different person at home. The Colombian superstar, who shares Milan and 6-year-old son Sasha with longtime partner Gerard Piqué, recently told Cosmopolitan that she tries to shut off her "producer" side once she's in the door. But that's sometimes easier said than done.

"That's when having a partner who's completely opposite in that sense comes in handy," she said of Gerard, her partner of over 10 years. "My mind never stops. I dream about my kids. I worry about them constantly. I torture my poor husband. Well, he's not really my…I don't know what to call him!"

"He's my baby daddy," she quipped. "I torture him about every issue I see with my kids."

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