Delilah Belle Hamlin Says She Sought Treatment After Becoming "Dependent" on Xanax

In a new Instagram video, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter Delilah Hamlin claimed a psychiatrist “over-prescribed me,” which led her to a treatment center.

By Mike Vulpo Nov 02, 2021 7:26 PMTags
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Delilah Belle Hamlin is ready to share her personal health journey.

In a new Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Nov. 2, the 23-year-old model revealed that she recently had to seek help after her body became "dependent" on Xanax.

"I found a psychiatrist and he over-prescribed me. He over-prescribed me with one medication that one of my friends takes for 10 milligrams and he gave me 20 milligrams a day. And then he gave me three milligrams of Xanax a day, so my body got dependent on Xanax number one, and number two I over-dosed," Delilah shared. "I didn't mean to at all. I over-dosed on this one medication called Propranolol. And I took Benadryl with it and for some reason, I ended up in the hospital."

Wit help from her family including parents Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin, Delilah discovered a treatment center in Arizona that could help with her health struggles.

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"I thought this place was going to be like, a place to, like, cure me, just cure everything, help me," she shared. "Everything got to the point where sometimes I couldn't even walk to the toilet."

Delilah continued, "But unfortunately, I was I think a medical risk so I was politely asked to leave after three weeks of being there. That was really hard because, in my mind I was like, well if I'm too sick for this place then I'm too sick for anywhere."

According to Delilah, doctors made the decision that she was a medical risk after her legs didn't work and she fell, resulting in a concussion. The influencer also began having seizures that left some staff members thinking she needed a medical facility.

"I went to Arizona and it was really hard at first," she explained. "It was a treatment center, not a rehab. It was something I had to invest in with my own money, which was a scary thing because I had to trust this place."


After returning home on Nov. 1, Delilah is now looking for help and guidance as she figures out what's next.

"I would really love some support and some recommendations if you're in the LA area," she said in her Instagram video. "I'm on a really strict diet. I take a crazy amount of supplements to detox my body. I've been sober from alcohol for two months."

One supporter who has Delilah's back is her longtime boyfriend Eyal Booker. In the comments section, the Love Island star wrote, "I love you & know you will get better. Day by day. So proud of you for continuing to fight xxx."

Back in August, Delilah announced she would be taking a break from social media as she focused on prioritizing "my physical and mental heath." 

The reality star also went to rehab in 2018 to address mental health struggles including anxiety and depression.

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