Nick Jonas Jokes He'll Need Therapy After Jonas Brothers Family Roast Humiliation

By Allison Crist Nov 18, 2021 9:25 PMTags

Preparing for the worst.

Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas are gearing up for the premiere of the Jonas Brothers Family Roast next week, but before Netflix drops the one-hour comedy special—set to feature sketches, songs, games and special guests—hear what the trio had to say about it on E! News' Daily Pop.

Host Justin Sylvester kicked off the exclusive backstage conversation by asking who managed to talk them into the roast, but at that point, they couldn't think about anything other than what they were about to endure. 

"We should find them and fire them," Kevin joked, prompting Joe to tease him about his apparent post-roast plans: "Kevin's flying straight out. I feel like whatever roast he has prepared must be really good because he's afraid to face us."

As for Joe's own fears, he's less worried about Justin's notion that an ex-girlfriend or two could make a surprise appearance—"Bring it on, I don't give a s--t," he quipped—and more afraid to feel the comedic wrath of his wife, Sophie Turner.

Jonas Brothers Through the Years

Joe explained that people aware of what Sophie has planned have literally approached him to say things like "Oh man, good luck, brother." 

Added the musician, "I'm like, that's not what I want to hear before this thing!"

Nick is equally nervous for the whole thing, adding, "I definitely booked therapy for Monday morning."

Phil McCarten/CBS

From there, the Jonas Brothers have a few concerts lined up for the holidays, and then they plan to take a break.

"I think we're all looking forward to a little time off," Nick said, with an important clarification for fans. "But certainly not a full break hiatus like the last time when we broke up."

That is, unless the roast goes south! "Talk to us after the show," Kevin joked.

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas: Romance Rewind

Does that mean the brothers will be dredging up childhood horror stories?  

"I can think of some things that they've done which have been disastrous," Nick revealed, "but I can't really think of anything in my life I've ever done that would be worth mentioning."

Cue an objection from Joe. 

"I travel with a booklet of things that Nick did that I find hilarious," he chimed in. "It's tragic, so if you want me to grab that just give me a minute, I'll go get it from the car."

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Jonas Brothers Family Roast premieres globally on Netflix Tuesday, Nov. 23.

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