Sara Ramirez Teases Their "Dynamic" Role in the Sex and the City Reboot

Grey’s Anatomy alum Sara Ramirez will make TV history in And Just Like That... when they appear as the first nonbinary character in the Sex and the City franchise this December.

By ElizaBeth Taylor Nov 02, 2021 6:16 PMTags
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Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have found their fourth for And Just Like That....

And the new character is bringing some much-needed diversity to the show. In a recent interview with Out for the Out100 edition, actor Sara Ramirez, who uses she/they pronouns, proudly discussed their trailblazing new role for the Sex and the City reboot. Specifically, Ramirez will be portraying Che Diaz, the first nonbinary character in the franchise's history. So what else do we know about Che? Well, the new addition is a stand-up comedian and podcast host. But that's not all we know...

As the performer described in their interview, the new character is "smart and funny and dynamic." They added, "And I've been told sexy." It is the Sex and the City revival after all.

Yet Ramirez, who now acts opposite original SATC stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, is no stranger to taking on roles that represent equality. In fact, this upcoming performance in And Just Like That... will not be the first time that they play an LGBTQ+ character.

Ramirez is likely best known for their role as Callie Torres in ABC's hit show Grey's Anatomy, where they were one of the first actors to play a bisexual character in American TV.

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"Prior to Callie Torres, I'd never seen myself represented on television," Ramirez told the publication about their starring role, which lasted for 11 seasons and 239 episodes. Their run on the Shonda Rhimes drama is considered influential, as it helped create positive change surrounding gender identity and representation in media.


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"I also want to make it clear that the only reason I'm here is because of all the people that my life has touched and whose lives have touched mine," they stated to Out. "And as empowered as I have grown to be in my life, it's not by being alone. It's by working with others."

We can't wait to see Ramirez in And Just Like That... when it premieres this December. For any and all updates surrounding the SATC reboot, click here.

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