Blake Lively Shares Topless Behind-the-Scenes Photo From Her Halloween Transformation

Have you seen Blake Lively's Halloween costume this year? "This one's for you kid," the actress wrote on Instagram Stories, "and by kid I mean @tcm."

By Elyse Dupre Nov 02, 2021 2:32 PMTags
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Blake Lively is breaking down her 2021 Halloween costume.

The 34-year-old actress took to Instagram on Nov. 1 to share exactly how she created her look. Initially, the Gossip Girl alum wasn't sure how she'd dress up this year.

"I didn't have a costume," Lively wrote on Instagram. "But I did have grey face paint, a black wig and a crazy idea." 

That idea was to draw inspiration from Turner Classic Movies. Taking a cue from makeup artist Sharon Farrell's tutorial for a "grayscale black and white effect," Lively made it seem like she was straight out of an old black-and-white film. In fact, Lively said she had only 10 minutes to finish her makeup. 

To complete the ensemble, she wore the wig along with a white button-up shirt, checkered vest, pair of black pants, black gloves and some matching shoes. 

"What's black and white and lively all over," Lively asked her 30.4 million followers while giving them a glimpse of her costume.

Stars Celebrate Halloween 2021

To see her Halloween transformation, scroll on.

Getting Ready

"Thanks for being my first YouTube beauty tutorial," Lively wrote while giving Farrell a shout-out. "I only had 10 mins and thanks to your awesome instructions I pulled it off. Yes, I'm covering my boobs with a wig. Don't we all? No? No??!"

The Finished Look

Lively, is that you?

Posing for the Camera

As the actress put it, "Spamming my makeup because I'm proud."

Lights, Camera, Action

"This one's for you kid," Lively wrote on Instagram Stories, "and by kid I mean @tcm."

The Reaction

"How freaky in real life," the star continued. "It tripped people out."

Halloween Treats

What's Halloween without sweets? This year, Lively enjoyed some baked goods from Beascakes Bakery in New York.

"Oh yeah. I'm an unofficial cookie influencer now," she added. "Add it to my resume thanks."

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