Watch the RHOBH Cast Get Grilled for Not Asking Erika Jayne the "Tough Questions"

In an exclusive sneak peek of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion, Andy Cohen asks why more of the ladies didn't join Sutton Stracke in questioning Erika Jayne.

By Allison Crist Nov 03, 2021 3:20 PMTags

Getting down to business.

Andy Cohen isn't letting anyone off the hook during the fourth and final part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion tonight, Nov. 3. 

Fans have witnessed the Watch What Happens Live host grill Erika Jayne over her legal troubles for three weeks now, but as this exclusive sneak peek clip shows, it's time for her co-stars to take a turn in the hot seat.

Up first: Lisa Rinna

"If you care so much about Erika, why were you pushing Sutton [Stracke] to say things that would hurt Erika?" Garcelle Beauvais asks. 

Before responding, Lisa turns to Sutton. "You said, 'If Erika walked in this room right now, I would say it right to her face,'" Lisa recalls. "So I was just like, she's here. Say it to her face."

Andy interrupts to ask Lisa if she gave Erika "a heads up about what she was walking into." 

That would be a "yes," although Lisa's revelation is quickly dismissed as Kyle Richards speaks up.

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"Sutton was the one who called the meeting," Kyle says. "She was the one who had legal concerns. She was the one who took charge of this whole thing. And yes, we all had questions and you know, I said I'm gonna ask questions, which I did at my dinner party."

Continuing the conversation about the lack of confrontation this season, Andy reads a fan question that gets straight to the point: "I'm so disappointed in so many of you when it comes to questioning Erika. Crystal [Minkoff], you were quiet. Kyle, you were a kiss ass. Dorit [Kemsley], you were duplicitous. Why didn't any of you ask the tough questions?"

Kyle insists she did, even to the point "that I felt bad." 

However, according to Erika, Kyle never accused her of lying. 

"That was my big issue," Erika says, recalling her tense conversations with Sutton. "That's why I had such a breakdown at Kathy [Hilton]'s. You know me, you can pick up the phone and you can say, 'Girl what the f--k?'"

With the mention of Kathy's dinner, Garcelle asks if Erika ever apologized to Sutton.

"What am I apologizing for, Garcelle?" Erika says after admitting she hasn't apologized and doesn't plan to. "Sticking up for myself?"

"For threatening her," Andy and Garcelle respond in unison, with the latter adding, "and being so vicious." 

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"You said, 'I'm gonna come after you,'" Andy tells Erika. "You said Tom was gonna come after [Sutton]."

"Do you know what I mean by that?" she asks, though Kyle is the one to answer her: "I don't think anyone knew what you meant by that."

But just as she's about to tell the group, the preview ends. 


Find out for yourself by tuning in to the all-new episode.

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