The This Is Us Cast Races Against the Clock in a Hilarious Celeb Game Face Showdown

By Allison Crist Nov 02, 2021 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Kevin Hart's Game Has "This Is Us" Stars Rushing to The Shower

Going out with a bang.

Tonight's all-new episode of Celebrity Game Face is a special one, and not just because it doubles as the season two finale. Additionally, host Kevin Hart has recruited not one, not two but three This Is Us stars to compete against each other, all in the hopes of earning money for the charity of their choice.

Oh, and the Hart of a Champion trophy.

In this sneak peek clip, the teams—Chrissy Metz and Bradley CollinsSusan Kelechi Watson and Napiera Groves and Chris Sullivan and Rachel Sullivan—are battling for some very important last-round points during the scavenger hunt challenge.

To kick things off, they have to find an item in their home that matches the following riddle: "Eating out gets old real fast. Use me when you're home at last. Want to make some boiled peas? I've got all the recipes."

"Tupperware" is Chris' first guess, and Chrissy's isn't that much better: "Is it a pot?"

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Lucky for them, they quickly realize the correct answer is "a cookbook" and they rush back to greet Kevin. Chris' team is first, followed by Chrissy's and then Susan's. 

The game isn't over yet though! There's one more prompt: "Run and take a selfie in a place where water falls. Here, the ladies wash their hair, and the guys might wash their balls."

Cue lots of chaos. 


Eventually, all six make it back—and Chris' team has once again taken first place. 

In third this time, Chrissy demands to know his secret. "How many feet away is your shower?" she asks. 

"We picked a central location," he jokes. "This is a lesson, kids. When you make your money, buy a tiny house!"

Watch the LOL-worthy clip in full above, and don't miss tonight's season two finale of Celebrity Game Face.

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