Why Kristen Stewart Found Princess Diana's Maternal Instincts "Animalistic" During Spencer

By Samantha Bergeson Nov 01, 2021 7:46 PMTags

Kristen Stewart has played a mother before (umm, hi Renesmee!), but something about portraying Princess Diana's fierce love for her two sons felt different. 

The Spencer star exclusively discussed the moving experience playing the late royal during E! News' Daily Pop on Monday, Nov. 1. "Watching her with her kids is the most transcendentally animalistic experience you can have watching Diana," Stewart gushed. "You just go, 'Wow.' She knows exactly who she is in those moments." 

And, while Stewart might not be able to relate to parenthood just yet, she did tease that "in the moment" she was tempted to start a family of her own.

"And then I got home and was like, 'That's currently unrealistic,'" Stewart quipped of her young co-stars. "Yeah, I love those kids. They made it so easy for me. I'm the youngest in my family. I've never had to like babysit or do anything like that." 

Kristen Stewart Plays Princess Diana in Spencer

Spencer captures the three days leading up to Princess Diana deciding she was going to divorce Prince Charles, and Stewart shared that this specific time frame was crucial to revealing more intimate details about the people's princess. 

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"Those small moments, people don't consider what it must have felt like to actually take that step forward and go, 'I think it's time to talk about this,'" Stewart noted. "The moments that led up to that must have been something else." 

Playing Diana has not only inspired Stewart's maternal instincts, but also provided a deeper understanding of herself.

"I have always only been trying to lean in towards being myself, my whole life," Stewart revealed. "Even while playing characters, I'm trying to get to the deeper parts of who I actually am, and in terms of performers, those are the types of performances that I am mostly moved by and interested in, when people are revealing parts of themselves." 

Watch the full interview above to see director Pablo Larraín's LOL-worthy response to the Spencer Oscar buzz! 

Spencer premieres in theaters on Friday, Nov. 5.

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